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Question for raid leaders and experienced raiders

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Question for raid leaders and experienced raiders

Darth_Dreselus's Avatar

01.15.2013 , 02:14 AM | #11
A lot more than a Tactics Vanguard =D. We have an Assault Vangaurd in raid group. But I would take anyone that I am sure is capable of clearing the content, regardless of class.
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steave's Avatar

01.16.2013 , 09:46 PM | #12
I'm mainly a tank on my PT, but run pyro as off spec and I'm matching or beating all our pure DPS players despite being in 61s while they're mostly in 63s. I don't bring the bloodthirst of a marauder or range of a sniper/merc, but I have the best burst (which is very valuable in 5/9 of the current end game bosses due to 4 having a soft enrage at low HP and 1 giving you a short amount of time every now and then to kill that walker), I have a taunt (useful for establishing threat at the start with taunt chains and some special cases in OPs), very good aoe, a complete lack of channeled abilities and max damage out to 10 meters range so movement doesn't hinder me at all and flexible range - I loose almost nothing from moving from 4m out to 10, and I still do about 1200 dps out to 30 (a real ranged class will of course do better there, but it's an advantage compared to marauders). I've cleared TFB HM 5/5 and EC NiM 3/4 with both spec.
Basically, yes, you should be very welcome assuming you know how to play your class.

Omophorus's Avatar

01.17.2013 , 01:22 PM | #13
Current Ops group runs 1 Marauder, 2 PT (Pyro), 1 Sniper. Z&T, as has been mentioned, requires a little finesse.

Otherwise, no biggy.

I actually like PT more than Marauder due to two things primarily:
1) Insanely easy to play. By extension, insanely consistent. Does not require a great player on their A game in the same way a Marauder does.

2) Mobility. Pretty much anywhere within a 10m circle around a target, they do peak DPS. No channels, no 4m range restrictions, so provided that one doesn't have an issue keeping the GCD ticking while moving, they should never have issues keeping massive DPS provided they're not forced >10m from their target.

Plus, there are a few side benefits... taunt, grapple, decent AoE damage, shockingly passable (>1k DPS) at 30m in a pinch, short CD interrupt, etc.

I don't have to worry as much whether PT will be played well. I always have to worry whether a Marauder is good enough to out-do a PT. It's not very common to have players good enough to exploit a stronger class well enough to overcome the faceroll-friendliness of PT.
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