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PhP Player Helping Player


Catdance's Avatar

01.14.2013 , 03:52 PM | #1
So I wanted to throw this out there. I am pretty new to the game and the server having been moved a couple times. I really just committed to this game a few weeks ago after leaving early on. I have played solo pretty much exclusively and enjoyed trying out various builds, classes and storylines.

I now have couple of 50's and I find I'd like to run the end game... flashpoints and ops but have no clue. One of the games I've played was DDO which is basically instanced dungeons for groups or full on raids. Some generous folks with time and experience decided to share their knowledge and offer runs that folks could sign up for on the server forum that would run them through all the hard instances.

No zerging, things were explained, traps, strategies and puzzles were discussed. The point was that these players wanted to help educate players because it would raise the level of play on the server , particularly when pugging and for players this was a great way to learn before running these instances and wiping a whole group. Also a lot of players are not in guilds so can't run in guild groups. I am sure that there are even players in guilds that could take advantage of something like this.

So I just wanted to see if anyone would be willing to start something like this. Maybe one night a week .

Rynis's Avatar

01.14.2013 , 11:06 PM | #2
I would definitely be up to helping people out.

I feel like I know quite a bit about the endgame content and I'm always up for meeting new players and whatnot. Maybe we can grab a few drinks at the cantina afterwards

So hit me up whenever I'm online if you want to get something started. My name is in my sig :P.