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Legacy System Compendium

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07.16.2012 , 08:37 PM | #1
These are notes and points of interest to all the Legacy Unlocks and Character Perks. I will cover information that is NOT displayed in the in-game Legacy Unlocks window prior to purchase. This compendium is to provide an idea of what you are getting

Legacy of Sacrifice
Cooldown: 5m 00s
- Heals yourself for 40% of your total health, whilst damaging your active companion for ~90% of their health.
- Also adds a short stun to the companion once activated.
- Companion must be active to use.
- Shares a cooldown with Unity ability below.

Legacy of Unity
Cooldown: 5m 00s
- Provides 50% damage reduction, all types, for 12 seconds to your character and their active companion.
- Companion must be active to use.
- Shares a cooldown with Sacrifice ability above.

Repair Droid
- Places an Astromech droid on your ship, usually in the cargo bay or similar area.
- The droid sells you purple droid Sensors for use in your ship droid, C2-N2 or 2V-R8. Note, this sensor unit CANNOT be place into SCORPIO, T7-01 or M1-4X as the sensor units have the requirement of the ship droid duo.
- The sensors do not provide any character stat bonuses whatsoever. They ONLY provide crew skill bonus stats, eg +5 Scavenging Efficiency and Cybertech Critical. You can view these stats on
- The Astromech also provides a vendor to sell junk and other items you do not want.

Ship Mailbox
- Places a mailbox on your ship for your personal use.
- This is no different to any other mailbox.
- It is usually placed near your starmap/bridge area. Within a few meters. Self explanatory.

Operations Training Dummy
- This is one of two types of dummies than are available for purchase.
- It has the same effects that attacking an operation boss would, without the danger of being dead soon after.
- Note on some ships it isnt the most convenient of placement as it can sometimes be difficult to get behind and still be able to see your character. The space behind it can be somewhat limited.
- Also the dummy usually cannot be attacked from maximum range by ranged classes as space is very limited on your ship as it is.
- Combat ends a little premature but not overly big an issue. If you do not wish to end combat, to say heal yourself, rebuff yourself, you need to either place a damage over time effect or hit an attack of some sort. When combat ends, you will lose your target as it ''disappears'' to end it.
- This dummy can be used at any level as it remains the same level as the owner of the ship. Level 15 or 50.
- You can never destroy the dummies.
- Ablities that require a target be under a certain health percentage are forever unusable on these dummies.
- Immune to incapacitating and movement impairing effects as you would expect.
- Is considered a humanoid.

Warzone Training Dummy
- Much the same rules apply to this training dummy with the exception of the difference between a player and an operations boss.

Galactic Market Kiosk
- This places one of those GTN panels in the cargo or similar areas of your ship for your personal use.
- This is no different to the ones on the fleet and other areas.

The Valor rewards are just unarmed combat abilities that are designed for duels with other players or for being fun things to kill enemies with. Note these are substantially weaker than your normal attacks. I would not suggest attacking a same level enemy with these.... you have been warned. :P Note, you cannot use these with ANY weapon equipped. In order to use them, you must remove your weapon from your character.

The Legacy Fleet Pass and Legacy Travel simply reduce the cooldown on your Emergency Fleet Pass and Quick Travel abilities and are cumulative. Rank 1 stacks with 2 and 3.

Rocket Boost
- Not to be confused with Rocket Boots.
- This ability acts exactly like a speeder, with the exception that it has a duration, and entering combat immediately ends the effect.
- Cooldown begins from the initial activation.
- You do not have to be attacked or take damage to have this end prematurely.
- You can send your companions on vendor missions instantly whilst this is active without a channel time.
- Using abilities that have your character act, ends it. Such as using almost all world objects with the exception of doors, GTN, mailbox and cargo hold. Anything that is related to a quest will usually end it.
- The extra ranks reduce its cooldown from 2 minutes, to 1 minute 30 seconds, to 30 seconds. Its duration is 12 seconds. At full ranks, you will get 12 seconds of Rocket Boost, 18 seconds of cooldown and then it becomes available again.
- It is also usable indoors where mounts are not allowed. There is a bug with the animation of this, where using it indoors will provide a mounted indoors warning - ignore this bug. One effect of this bug is your animation will change from Rocket Boost, to the ''activated Sprint'' speed blur of your character running.

I will add Character Perks based on feedback to the above.
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01.14.2013 , 09:52 PM | #2
Awesome post, thank you.
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