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Subscription plans: 1 year non-recurring?

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Subscription plans: 1 year non-recurring?

Lyshar's Avatar

01.04.2013 , 10:54 AM | #1
Not everyone is able or willing to buy recurring subscriptions, especially with certain issues in payment that BW/EA are having, but that's a different and long thread in the customer support section.

To keep it short, there have been issues I had myself to which I send a ticket (#7504850) and after that called customer support (ticket # 7647282), result saying it was on their end. I also mentioned in there that for my preferred payment method I can understand if the recurring subscriptions may be more difficult to realize, but that the non-recurring should still work (hope that will soon).

And that brings us to this suggestion, for one another company has more than once repeatedly charged the same accounts for the same subscription, the ease with which that happened can very easilly make people distrust recurring subscriptions, but there can be alternatives. Another reason for alternatives is that people who might not want a recurring subscription will not get the same amount of cartel coins or any discount.

There already are the recurring subscriptions:
1 month - 500 CC / month - 12.99 / month
3 months - 550 CC / month - 11.99 / month
6 months - 600 CC / month - 10.99 / month

And the non-recurring subscription of:
2 months - 525 CC / month - 13.49 / month

If you compare that one to the 1 month recurring it would be logical to add the following as non-recurring, but not saying these have to be the advantages exactly, just that those would make sense from a logic standpoint.
6 months - 575 CC / month - 12.49 / month
12 months - 625 CC / month - 11.49 / month

Especially a 1 year non-recurring sub would be interesting as you'd basically just need to renew once a year, say on your birthday or around the new year holiday season.

Interested to hear what people think of that.

Lyshar's Avatar

01.12.2013 , 02:15 AM | #2
Checked today to see my preferred payment method ( iDEAL ) now does work for the 60 day non-recurring but not for the recurring ones, so my interest in this has just increased a lot.

Would be nice if I just had to extend it once a year instead of every few months. And it would be nice to get some more Cartel Coins with it.