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Sage, the paper dog king of all mmo's!

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Sage, the paper dog king of all mmo's!

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01.11.2013 , 10:17 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by Ycoga View Post
I consider the 650k i do as sage dps acceptable.
I can defeat anyone 1 on 1 except the very best asassins / carnage maras / PT's on the server.
Here's how:
Debate away...
dude, are you serious? do you think that doing damage is the same with doing useful damage? i usually do 400k dmg + 150k healing, with a spec relatively closer to the one posted by you. all this in random pugs. but this is not so useful, when their healer heals 50% of my dmg.

you said that you can defeat anyone except those. funny, there are not many left. i can bet anything that a medium dps smasher jugger will kill you without losing 50% hp (i ate a 7.3k crit from a jugger less geared then me. and i was wh + weapon, offhand ewh). the new sniper can beat you if you dont have something to hide behind (before 1.5 patch snipers were my solo kill, now are more powerfull), a 30% healing operative can kill any non-healer sage, without much effort. (ps. on my ungeared assassin i can kill any non full-balance spec sage)

Beside, your build is not optimized, and also your rotation has useless steps.
you say:
"Bubble > Weaken mind > Mental alacrity > Force potency > TKThrow > Mind crush (proc) > Disturbance (proc) > Force in Balance"
why do you use force potency on 1-2 abilities that dont do the maximum damage? in this case the TkThrow will do 4500dmg instead of 3600
why do you use mental alacrity if you dont use disturbance next? this ability was definitely build for group attacks, when you are not focused (because the enemies focus healer) and you can use weaken mind, turbulence (!!crit), disturbance until proc (!! force potency) telekinetic wave (!!crit)[...] anyway, most of the ppl see mental alacrity fast, and will stun, push, or hide for a couple of seconds.

i played full balance, full tk, 3-4 kinds of hybrid, i have the feeling that i know alot of this class. for example i modded 2 kind of wh gear (before ewh gear): 1 with power and surge, and one with alacrity. i can tell, the one with power gives a much more chances to survive (until someone helps), slightly more dmg. i play on TOFN, we can meet and test what i'm saying
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01.11.2013 , 11:05 AM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by LuciferinDNA View Post
The bubble is the only defense tool for Sage, the bubble's power depends on power, willpower and force power, so it depends on bonus healing how much dmg it can absorb. Expertise gives bonus to healing and it don't improve force armor (the bubble) Thats one of the reason, way Sage goes down so easy after 50. But it won't be a wise fix to improve bubble by expertise, because its already makes indestructible classes immortal.
Force Armor doesn't need to be made bigger by Expertise because it's not affected by Trauma: the explicit reason that Expertise *does* affect heals is because of the Trauma debuff. Force Armor actually *does* get some benefit based on Expertise because it doesn't reduce incoming damage pre-mitigation; it reduces incoming damage after all other sources of mitigation (of which Expertise is one). As such, Force Armor is augmented by the target's Expertise rather than your own. You might have a problem with that, but, keep in mind, Force Armor's ability to contribute in real value has always been affected just as much by the target's stats as by your own (even in PvE, Force Armor will mitigate more pre-mitigation damage when it's placed on a tank rather than a DPS)
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