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Good healers?

Eonisel's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 02:00 AM | #1
General inquiry, I'm new to the game and I'm wondering if smugglers make good healers for either PvE or PvP.

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01.07.2013 , 03:14 PM | #2
I have both a scoundrel and a sorc (consular) healer at 50 and i love my scoundrel healer. A bit more difficult to play i suppose but that makes it fun. I don't do much pvp but I totally prefer it on the scoundrel. Very mobil group heals and emergency heals plus those hots and stealth! I have never played a commando so I cannot comment on that.

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01.07.2013 , 05:23 PM | #3
I can't comment on commandos due to only playing into their 30's. I hear they need help in all areas and I never see one healing on any HM or operation I have ever went on. Sorcs are primary healers due to their aoe not player limit capped and likely bubble for emergency situations. I've healed as operative and did just fine though especially in single target situations.

Main reasons to bring a sorc from what I know:

1. Their aoe. Best aoe heal when allowed to stay stationary. This makes it situational and best used in pvp right on nodes where players don't move much.

2. Bubbles.

3. Unique abilities like their force movement for situational use and their teammate pull.

4. Better in combat CC (at least for a long term one other than slicing a droid).

Biggest reason to bring a scoundrel/operative healer:

1. Excellent mobile healing and probes as effective hot. Decent single group healing with their aoe and probes.

2. Better survival through quick self heals, mobility and vanish.

3. Greater damage output, especially spike damage when fully spec'd healing (absolutely no sustained dps ability mind you). When fully spec'd their dps is still significant. On the first operation in HM when each member has to solo a mini-boss (and healers are thrown on assassins because they have the lowest hp's) I can kill mine long before even dps classes finishes theirs and always long before even much better geared sorcs. In fact I know I could often kill the bigger targets faster than some of the modestly geared dps classes if I had to. This translates better in pvp though where their superior spike damage can be used to help finish fights instead of just dumping heals which can situationally be far less energy efficient at times. Remember I am talking dedicated healer specs not hybrids which may or may nor be a different situation.

4. Excellent in combat cc control for multiple targets but diminished if aoe spam is ongoing.

As far as playing an Op/scoundrel I find I get less focused fired in general than sorcs do. Being more mobile I can los others more quickly with less impact on my rotations. This helps take snipers out of the situation who normally would target a healer on sight if they are out in the open.I can quickly CC on demand to escape. I have tools that make killing me very difficult due to instant cast heals and hots. I can vanish. Although hardly tank like I still have medium armor with one of the best mitigation talents in game (4% for 2 points instead of silly 2%). I also play a sniper and I admit when I see a sorc in their spiffy light armor robes it screams to me "SHOOT ME! I'M SOFT!". I'm not saying they are really easy to kill if they choose to turtle but their options to escape focus fire are more limited and impacting to their healing.

I can sleep out of stealth and make others do 50% less damage for 10 seconds (huge talent in pvp imo and I find many don't bother to take it). This allows me to pick my healing spots and skirmish heal to maintain better position. Often many do not suspect you are a healer when so close to engagements until too late (how so many ignore the floating probes every though is beyond me). Tricking them into thinking you are spec'd melee by finishing off enemies with your limited dps rotation deflects attention.

End result is that sorcs get the call more for operation level pve but well don't discount how effective op/scoundrel healers are in all areas of the game. The game will be far healthier though when we start seeing bh/trooper healers all on fronts once again. Their extreme lack of numbers must prove some serious issues they suffer from in their current form.

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01.09.2013 , 05:27 AM | #4
PvP-wise the mobility of the scoundrel is very handy. Those HoTs really add up, and they can proc upper hand for the instant heal, which is basically free if the target has less than 30% health.

Commando healers are tough, they can take a bit of focus fire, but have to work harder to reach the same overall healing of a scoundrel. Also the huge green beam of love is a dead giveaway that you are a healer, so expect to be targeted often. Supercharged cells + kolto bomb is very good, adding a damage reduction shield to your allies and you can spam your 1.5s cast while supercharged cells is active.

I don't have much on sages, my sorc is only 33 but I would say it's pretty easy to keep your energy up, maybe a bit easier than the other two.
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01.09.2013 , 06:01 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Eonisel View Post
General inquiry, I'm new to the game and I'm wondering if smugglers make good healers for either PvE or PvP.
Can't really comment on pve, but they are godlike in pvp. Due to Combat Stealth you can leave WZs often without any death while pulling 1k+ hps. Sage can pull out this number as well, but you will end up being dead more often.

Just one additional note: Although the schmuggler story isn't that bad, I think the mirror class Imperial Agent has a way better story while operatives also have the nicer looking healing animation (although SRMP has a minor advantage over Probe). Might want the think about joining the Dark Side

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01.10.2013 , 05:53 AM | #6
I don't want people reading this and discounting commando healers for end game pve. We have an ops group that has TFB HM on farm and is progressing currently through nightmare EC with commando/scoundrel healers. All the healing classes are more than capable of completing end game content when played well. As a matter of fact when farming the last few bosses we will swap healers, tanks and dps out regardless of class. Once players learn the fights/ mechanics most advantages or disadvantages that certain classes may have become very trivial. A great example is the platform phases on Soa in EV. I may have to work a little harder during that phase without a sage aoe in the group but its still very doable with any combination of healing classes.