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<Ebonlore> is recruiting. Yes, you. You know you're lonely.

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<Ebonlore> is recruiting. Yes, you. You know you're lonely.

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01.09.2013 , 04:48 PM | #1

If you are lucky like me, and are in the top 5% of SW:TOR players on PotF, then I am sure you are sitting on your computer, reading this thread saying

Quote: Originally Posted by you
Then this thread is for you.

We're basically a hardcore progression guild. We've been 5/5 HM TFB and 4/4 NiM EC for a long time, and were one of the first to clear EC NiM in under two hours (without using the Heroic Moment bug). If you're looking for a casual guild, we have nothing to offer you for joining. Yep, you read right. Nothing. Nothing at all. Though, I suppose you could talk a bit with the other Friends & Family non-raiders. Honestly I don't even care.

However, if you are somewhat respectable, have a plucky 'can do' attitude, and are actually a good player, and you want to raid with one of the most competitive guilds in SW:TOR globally, then you should apply.

Not join. Apply.

What's that? You have friends where you are? Chitchat buddies? Hm. Could be a problem, how could such a problem be conceivably solved? We wouldnt want to be responsible for destroying life long friendships here at Ebonlore, so get them to join too. Everyone is welcome as Friends & Family, but is not able to raid until they get their application and interview done.

Should you be successful in your long and streneous application process for F&F which involves (and is limited to):

Quote: Originally Posted by you again
/w Argure lol lfguild
You can join up as a non-raider, and then go get your application filled out and parsing done. If you don't feel like putting a few hours into applying, you probably don't want to commit to progression either. And if you get past that, you're welcome to join the ranks of the amazing guild Ebonlore, formed before guilds even actually were implemented into MMO's correctly. (Yes, we go about 15 years back), and if you study long and hard, you could gain fame, become uber, criticize other raiders, become one of the best raiders (which has never actually been me..) and then break off and have a celebratory beer for downing new content as one of the first people worldwide.

Who could resist that?

Quote: Originally Posted by you
Omg not me
Join now - Because you're sick of noone being good enough to get your **** done too. :4036