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Phantom and Spymaster gear changes

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Phantom and Spymaster gear changes
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01.09.2013 , 08:49 AM | #781
Quote: Originally Posted by Serraphimm View Post
There was a way (a very easy way) to make everyone happy in this situation, and either from Ignorance, Carelessness, or pure thoughtlessness, BW/EA didn't do that.
Although I admit there is a way to make everyone happy (like make it possible to trade the item for the version with the old look at a vendor), your claim that is 'way easier' is very ignorant of the amount of work changes actually take.

Don't forget: to do that 'way way easy' thing they need to add a mechanism of trading one item for the other that doesn't exist yet in ways to make everyone happy. Like what do we do with mods in it? Do they automatically go to the new one or do we trade to a pre-determined shell like trading up PVP gear? And what about augment slots and augments?
Etc. etc..

Yes, they can do this to make everyone happy. But it is not an easy way.
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01.09.2013 , 08:50 AM | #782
Quote: Originally Posted by Serraphimm View Post
because BW used to have one of the best reputations in the market for that.
Maybe bevor 2012. In 2012 they did everything to get rid of that good reputation. Congratulations BioWare!

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01.09.2013 , 08:53 AM | #783
Quote: Originally Posted by Taorus View Post
Well, I felt cheated....When I paid real world currency for Cartel Purchase Cartel packs to Purchase armor advertised on the Very cover of those cartel packs before the made there to the GTN for you to preview before purchase.
Having made your purchase of the cartel pack, with real world money as you are fond of pointing out, the most likely outcome would be that it didn't contain a Phantom chestpiece. If you carried on until you gained one and found it wasn't as advertised then you could sell it on the GTN, They were selling well, around the 300K+ mark, coincidentally that's about the same price unopened Cartel packs go for on the GTN.

Can you see the connection here? Sell your unwanted Phantom chestpiece on the GTN, purchase a new Cartel Pack or one of the others without affected items in it and you have not lost out, if anything you'll have made a small profit.

There is a very real exchange mechanism in place, albeit over an auction house, between in game virtual credits and cartel coins purchased with real money. So, can we agree that we have both been cheated of the item we desired. But, whereas you have not suffered any loss (item was unbound, could be resold on GTN), those of us that spent time and in some cases cartel coins as well have (item bound, no resale value).

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01.09.2013 , 08:58 AM | #784
Quote: Originally Posted by HettonVir View Post
So how long until they change the Outlaw "Duster"?

Its a tee shirt, not a duster at all.

Food for thought! Discuss.
QUIET! Please don't give any ideas! That and spymaster were the only two decent armours. Now the is only the outlaw armour. That is important as the headpiece is....bad.

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01.09.2013 , 09:04 AM | #785
Both sides who want different looking armor have valid issues that need resolution. I, for one, have faith in Joveth, but this thread is no longer serving any valid purpose as it has devolved into pointless back-and-forthing about who is right or wrong.

That is NOT the point here. The point is that all of us had certain expectations of the armor and it was changed from whichever you had to something else, or from something that didn't match your expectations into something you did. Neither side is invalid at all and I hope Bioware will be able to give those of us who liked the previous look back the sets we loved.

That said, I will take my leave and urge you all to a little more respect and courtesy of each other's viewpoints.

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01.09.2013 , 09:05 AM | #786
Quote: Originally Posted by Myriandore View Post

it's about your basic right to not have a transaction terms and products changed after a sale has taken place.
sugar coat it all you like, but in my world what EA bw did is called abuse.

how would you feel trying then buying a pair of levi's 501 - but upon arriving home realising they put a pair of 509 in your bag?
oh don't bother answering, you'd like the changes!
Am I the only one here who sees things clearly... YOU DIDNT BUY ... I'll say it again ... YOU DIDNT BUY the sets...

They were awarded via a cartel pack, AT RANDOM.... if you bought them with in-game credits off the GTN.... that's a different story but it is still in-game currency. You didn't buy them off of the preview, some may have via in-game currency but I think...

the correct statement would be: we didn't throw them away based on the preview after receiving them randomly from a cartel pack in our pursuit of riches.

I think you mis-read my point of my thread, and that is my fault, wasn't clear enough. I'll state it again, but before I do please understand... these items were a random set in a pack, a pack which is bought with "real" money if you want to simplify it that far. These items are randomized and awarded randomly.... let's hope you don't disagree. So you cannot hold the stance about purchasing on any grounds.... because let's face it you didn't buy 20-30 packs if you will JUST to get that set (if you purchased that many, or used your free cartel coins). I can understand some individuals doing that but the majority? I'd have to see hard evidence and not "word of mouth" because people tend to lie and exaggerate to get their way. I can't wrap my head around people buying packs solely for the sets, furthermore that nulls your argument about purchasing an item then having it changed, you didn't purchase the item, you purchased a "mystery box"... I hope you get my point, if not.. I don't know any other way to explain it to you...

I bought a ton of packs and got a ton of those sets, most were thrown out because of the cheap prices off the GTN and their limited use.... I know i'm not the only one who has done the same.

I don't have the right? actually I do, I have the right to state that I am content with the changes, ESPECIALLY, since these items weren't on sell or anything just an item received from the pack. Furthermore, the sets themselves are so cheap on the GTN that to complain about in-game currency below anything rivaling a million credits makes me laugh...

This isn't directed towards you specifically: Some people need to get off their high chair and stop taking changes personally, I'm pretty sure BW didn't wake up one morning and said "let's piss John, Jake, Mike, Janet off today"....
The reason why I posted this, which may be unclear (again my fault), is that I wanted to point out to the community not everyone hates the changes... I'm not alone, for you or anyone to assume makes me wonder how far this community has fallen, regardless, not everyone hates the changes and if many do hate them that much, do something productive about it, 10-20 threads about the same thing isn't going to help, furthermore, the way those threads are worded won't help either, most sound like whiny cry babies. There are ways to write/say things respectfully in which others won't ultimately want to treat you like a wild.

Haven't had my morning coffee, so if there are any grammar mistakes, I apologize.

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01.09.2013 , 09:07 AM | #787
Quote: Originally Posted by Thylbanus View Post
How about those people who don't care about what was advertised? Some, like myself, wait until the items hit the GTN before we decide if we are going to spend money on cartel packs. After 3 weeks, you might expect that they would correct if for those who wanted the intended style, but keep those who liked the unintended style. Make both happy instead of pissing off more. I mean this post is now 516 posts long about how people don't like the intended style.

EA really screwed up. Nothing new. How they fix it, I am VERY interested in seeing.

The ball is in your court EA...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aizen View Post
How about you stop being silly. The problem is that you do care, and pretending that you don't, when you clearly do care. That you care about something as silly as a correction. Not a change. Not an alteration, a CORRECTION. I expect nothing. But I am not foolish enough to NOT look at all the details first either. You obviously come to these forums, and obviously read the treads from time to time. You knew the deal. Heard about the miss-hap, so don't give me that excuse about how you didn't know. Hell. I didn't even buy the stuff, but I sure did look at the advertisement for items, and it wasn't rocket science in seeing that there was an obvious error either. Sure, there are some serious issues here. Crying about corrections is one. BW taking way to long to implement these corrections is another. Just stop pretending that this is game breaking. It's not.. .

There is bigger fish to fry when it comes to things that are wrong with this game, yet you chose to be upset about this?

EA, BW did what they were suppose to do for once. Even if it was weeks later.
I do care, or I wouldn't post. So your little exposition is not exactly insightful. (Read my signature. 1st line.)

The intention is immaterial. These items have been availible for 3 weeks or longer before they were changed (yes, changed). Both outfits added hoods, which many in the community do not want and was part of the reason to purchase the packs. This was released without oversight and they received flak for it. They corrected it after almost a month and received more flak for it. Instead they should have offered to replace those who wanted the "intended" item, with say a fleet vendor that changed one for the other. They instead did a broad stroke and changed all the items whether it was wanted or not. Bad form.

As for reading the threads, I do, and understood that change was coming. But as EA so often does, they were not specific with how the correction will take place. I certainly didn't expect that they would just change what I had, I did expect some sort of exchange or adding the intended version to the Cartel Market. Even if they added the ugly shoulderpads, I certainly didn't expect a hood as it was not featured in the advertisement. Revan's gear had the hood and a mask, but the phantom gear just had the mask.

And as for expecting nothing, well you get nothing. I am not so foolish as to think that what is advertised is what you get. I wait until the packs have been released and observe what is posted on the GTN before I decide to buy. You seem to read too much of other peoples post and somehow read that I was saying it was game breaking. It's not, but it does add one more straw to the camel.

Next time, take time to read a post before you respond to it.

I included my post that you responed to since it has been buried by 145 other posts
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01.09.2013 , 09:09 AM | #788
BW should have locked the 'false' outfits as soon as they cought wind of them - because these outfits were a bug, plain and simply. BW did not, which was the second mistake. So people bought the outfits based on what they saw in game. Since there is no obligation to read the forums and the changes of the outfits theoretically could have been anything, the customer is absolutely not at fault here.

Therefore BW should deliver the old styles without any extra charges. How they manage this is their problem, because they ****ed this thing up in several ways. If they don't, they have to live with complaints (again) and growing dissatisfaction, which will have a negative impact (at least) in the long run.
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01.09.2013 , 09:10 AM | #789
Bioware releases bugged content.

Group A complains because it's bugged, Bioware puts it into the queue to fix.

Bioware fixes the content and then Group B complains because they liked the bugged version. Group A is happy.

Now, you guys want them to change it back, which would make you happy all the while making group A complain again. In other words, changing it back really isn't an option. It would become a never ending loop.

At this point, Bioware just needs to release a few cheap "painted on" armor skins to appease both groups.

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01.09.2013 , 09:13 AM | #790
Quote: Originally Posted by JovethGonzalez View Post
In the future, we will ensure that all assets are in alignment on the Cartel Market.
I don't care. In the future I will not spend money on your Cartel Market! I will quit my subscription sometime in the future and I will use all my Catrel Coins to make my F2P account useable. I won't spend anymore real money on this poor game and it's ignorant developer team!