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[Game] - Continue the story of your favorite class! (spoilers)

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[Game] - Continue the story of your favorite class! (spoilers)

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01.09.2013 , 02:19 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Surinen View Post
mary sue ?
well then ---- WARNING, the rest of the txt is rather gore-ish:
...That doesn't change anything about the Mary Suish-ness of the story. You do know what that term means, right?
Also, get help.

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01.09.2013 , 04:02 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by jaguarclaw View Post
...That doesn't change anything about the Mary Suish-ness of the story. You do know what that term means, right?
Also, get help.
well I know and I fixed clean part about it, the rest is completely fine, being supreme doesnt exactly mean to be mary sue, it needs few more attributes of goodiness. there are in fact from what I remember few definitions of mary sue, from self idealisation of author to creation of perfect being, yadda yadda yadda - also theres a male version of mary sue that I do not even remember his name. I dont find a need to make my Warrior drop in the hierarchy or fail for no good reason or to become opposed to Emperor's plan. his way is straight path to greatness painted with flesh and bones. also do not be mean, after all true Siths defy life, bend its rules, they are above common sense of morality - that is what my Warrior represents.
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01.09.2013 , 06:43 AM | #13
Sith warrior

The Emperors wrath talkes to the emperor and gets a misson, to kill a few counsil leaders. them after having bin to a few planets he decides to kill the emperor, on his way to the emperors sercret planet he mets a jedi (the jedi knight) the talk together, they ether team upp to kill him or fight a pvp while fighting the emperor, after that he leaves to and that part of the story is over


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01.09.2013 , 12:44 PM | #14

After stoping the childeren of the emperor the jedi consular returns to typhon to train new padawans.
Chapter 4: nadia become's a jedi knight, while still traveling with you(for gameplay resons) you now have alot more difficult to continue your secret romance(non romance's will be focus on training there new padawans)

What i want in chapter 4 is that you get to choice between different padawans rather then be force(all romace able if possibol)

chapter 5: padawans become a jedi knight(sorry just love roleplaying a teacher:P same as chapter 4 but with your new padawan instead of nadia)

chapter 6: revenge or redemption.
As you travel to pick up your other new padawan you discovered that he/she has bin murder by a sith appretice.
After giving said sith a sound beating you can try and make him/her your new padawan of kill him/her.
Then hunt him/her (formor) master and try to remdeem or kill him.

The idea is to have many different padawans who all got there own quirks.
Making the teaching both iritating and fun.(and give people different companions)
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01.28.2013 , 12:45 PM | #15
Jedi Knight

Chapter 4: The price of Corruption
After being hailed the Hero of Tython, falling to the dark side and redeeming yourself, and assaulting the Sith Temple where the Sith Emperor had resided and finally defeated him, the Jedi Knight continues to help push the Sith forces back as the Empire starts to reinforce their front lines once more.

However, the Jedi Knight soon gets called back to Tython for an emergency; Satele shan has been captured and it is up to the Jedi Knight to find her and save her. The hunt for her begins and it will take him/her to new areas on planets such as Balmorra, Corellia, a Space station orbiting close to one of the moons of Korriban. After leaving the space station with information pointing towards corruption within the republic and that the senate has been infiltrated by Imperial Agents, the Jedi knight must travel to Coruscant to catch these agents. He/she stops one of the two agents from escaping and before dying, the agents reveals either through the good of his heart or through forced methods from the Jedi where his agent partner has fled to. The Jedi Knight takes up the hunt again.

Eventually the Jedi Knights hunt will be lead to Dantooine (A new planet for the Republic while another planet for the Empire would be introduced as well) where he/she will find the agent who turns out to be a SIS agent who is selling the unconscious Satele shan to Imperial forces lead by a Sith Lord. A fight ensues and after killing the soldiers and defeating the Sith Lord and the SIS agent, something terrible happens; The SIS agent takes his own life while the Sith lord loses control of her actions and suddenly rise up to stand. As she speaks, you recognize her voice as that of the Emperor. He is alive! He states that he has come to acknowledge the Jedi Knights powers and condemn him/her for killing his Voice. He continues to tell the knight that he has big plans for his Empire and this galaxy and that he/she will play a major part in it. After that the Sith Lord dies and you rescue Satele shan by bringing her back to the Jedi Temple on Tython.

Chapter 5: Curing the damned

Satele Shan doesn't seem to wake up and none of the Jedi Masters can help her. However, Lord Scourge reveals that the Emperor has done this before to certain victims of his and that she cannot be awaken unless the Emperor loses his grip over her. Scourge suggest attacking key Imperial targets to distract the Emperor while the Jedi Council meditates to pull the Emperors grip off from Satele. And so the Knight and his party of companions set out to attack two major imperial key points to the war effort. One still operating on the Republic conquered Corellia and another on a remote and heavily secured location on Dromund Kaas.

After spent several chain-missions to acquire information to find the secured facility on Dromund Kaas and pieces of a decrypted code to enter through the back door of the base on Corellia, the climax of Chapter 2 comes when the Jedi knight travels back to Tython. As he/she clicks on the Jedi Council room the scene before them is the following: Satele is laying in the medical room, being treated with most of the Jedi Council members surrounding her in meditation. As the Jedi Knight approaching and watch the scene unfolds, Satele wakes up. Just as she wakes up a dark essence moves out from her body and into the Jedi Knight. The Knight falls to his/her knees and [Love interest or random team member] screams in horror.

The Jedi Knight now finds himself/herself in a dark void against a dark essence formed as a man; A conversation sparks between them where the essence explains to the Knight that this was his plan all along and that this is where his/her journey ends. A Fight erupts that's scripted for the Jedi to fail. Once he or she is close to death, the conversation starts again. The essence says triumphant that with the Jedi Knights death he/she will be the first victim of billions of people around the galaxy. Just as the essence is about to strike the Jedi down, a light formed just like the Jedi Knight appears and drives the essence back a bit. The light explains that it is the Jedi knights willpower and hope and as long as there is one Jedi living, that light will always exist in the galaxy. The fight begins again and this time the Jedi Knight defeats the dark essence. just as he/she leaves the void, three images flashes before the Jedi; A dark and void planet, Darth Marr and one of the largest Imperial cruisers ever seen. The essence screams in anger as the Jedi finally leaves.

The Jedi Knight wakes up in the Jedi Council room, surrounded by the Jedi council members (Jedi Consular excluded). They ask what happened and the Knight explains that the Emperor forced his way into his/her mind, but the knight prevailed. Satele thanks the Jedi Knight for saving her and asks what he or she should do next based on the news that the Emperor is still alive. The Knight reveales that during the fight he or she saw where the Emperor is hiding and the means of getting to him.

Chapter 6: A Tyrant's Fall

The Jedi Knight has begun preparations and are ready to make the final push against the Emperor, the real one. The Knight finds himself/herself aboard their ship when Grand Master Satele contacts the knight through the Holotable. She confirms that they've found the Imperial cruiser from his/her vision orbiting Taris at the moment, but it's constantly making hyperspace jumps to avoid contact and confrontations, so the Knight must move fast.

Once aboard the Ship, the knight must fight their way through the ship, deactivate shields protecting the bridge (Much like the Esseles, but on a larger scale) and then confront the ship captain; An Imperial Agent who's sole mission is to guard one of the two pieces of the hyperspace coordinates for the planet on which the Emperor is hiding. The knight face him in close combat along with his bridge crew. After defeating him, the knight can choose to either spare the agent, take him into custody or kill him, either way they get the code and are off.

Once aboard the ship again, Satele contacts the Jedi Knight again, relaying information about Darth Marr's whereabouts; It would seem that the Emperor has ordered his Wrath to cleanse the Dark council and Marr was one of the few, or maybe the only one to get away. The Grand Master reports that they found energy signatures of an Imperial private ship close to Hoth, so it is assumed that there is where Marr is hiding. The Knight sets out to find him.

After helping the Republic push back against the creatures of Hoth that has been mutated by the Dark Side, the Knight finally finds Darth Marr in a base built into the ice. After carving a way of destruction throughout the base, the Knight reaches Marr and a conversation starts. The Sith Lord explains that his loyalty to his Emperor was once great, but it has all but been shattered after recent events and the price on his head. He wants to make a deal with the Knight, stating that if he/she let Marr leave Hoth alive and free, He'll give the knight the second and last piece of the coordinates. The Jedi Knight can now either use the force to pull the information out from the Sith Lord's weakened mind and then kill him (Dark) or agree, get the information and let the former council member leave (light).

Now when the knight has the coordinates for the Emperor's hiding place, The Republic send a part of their fleet with the Knight as they travel to the unknown planet to face the Emperor. The Entire planet is protected by an Imperial fleet controlled by Imperial droids. While a space battle erupts, the Jedi Knight sneaks with his/her ship down to the surface and lands close to the temple where the Emperor's location seems to be according to the information gathered from the Imperial agents cruiser.

The whole party is seen running into the structure and once inside, the Knight can decide which member does what task while Scourge demands that he shall come along with the knight to face the Emperor. Kira also wished to come along. The knight can now choose between any of the two to tag along, but the one that isn't chosen will lose all Affection points to the knight, with an exception to Kira if she is romanced, who will only lose a 1/3 of it if she is not chosen. Some tasks include holding key points from the massive army of droids that will be there to cut off their escape from the temple, while another task would be to lower the shields that is protecting the Emperors chamber.

After fighting through the entire temple, the knight and his or her companion finally reach the Emperor's throne room. When the Knight enters the room, the Emperor is meditating in the middle of it. He stands up and face the knight. They start to talk and if Scourge is with the knight the Emperor will address him and explain that he always knew that Scourge would betray him, sooner or later. He had just not outlived his usefulness yet to be killed. If Kira is with the knight, the Emperor will address her and tell her that she could have been one of his potential successors, but in the end she was too weak. Whether this claim is true or not would of course remain a mystery.

At the end the Emperor brings up different moments between Sith and Jedi that has determined the fate of the Galaxy throughout the history. Especially the one between Revan and Malak 300 years ago. After finishing, the fight begins. The Emperor would use attacks from both the Sith Inquisitors and the Sith Warriors arsenal such as Force lightning, force choke, smash etc. but also certain attacks that needs to be interrupted or terrible things will happen.

Once the fight is over and the knight has won and started a conversation with the defeated Sith, the Emperor screams "IMPOSSIBLE!" as he throws the Knight across the room and with all his strength puts force lightning into the knights companion, killing him or her (Scourge or Kira). The knight gets up and reached the Emperor just in time as he stops with his lightning and the companion is dead. The Emperor laughs at the knight as he feels the man/woman's sorrow through the force. In the end he orders the knight to avenge his friend/love's death.

The knight can choose between killing the Emperor in anger (Dark) or calm down and decide to bring the Emperor into custody to answer for all the death he has caused (Light). When choosing the light option, the Emperor will arm himself with his lightsaber, but be swiftly cut down by the Knight. The Emperor dies either way, but it's how the knights goes about doing it that matters. The knight explains to the dying Emperor that he will face justice after death for killing his/her companion and for all the lives lost because of his conquest for power and immortality. After the death of the Emperor, the knight leaves the temple with his/her remaining party members. The Imperial fleet above orbit has been wiped out and a honorary escort awaits the knight.

In the end the last place is on Coruscant where the knight is celebrated by the Republic and the Jedi Order for his/her actions and during the ceremony, a gold statue of the companion who died during the fight with the Emperor is revealed (This place will not be reached outside of the cutscene, so it won't be seen again or affect anything in-game).

During this moment it all depends on if the knight is dark side or light side; If Dark, the knight will look up at the statue and shake his/her head in disappointment and if light, the knight will look up at it with a smile and a single tear will trail down from his/her eye. If the knight is masked during this sequence, the tear and smile detail will be missed. In the end the knight is hailed as a champion of the light and a living legend of the Republic.

THE END... For now.
Nävi Stark - Knight of the Republic
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02.06.2013 , 03:12 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Sibrand View Post
[CENTER]Jedi Knight

THE END... For now.
Nice, would like this story line