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Phantom and Spymaster gear changes

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Phantom and Spymaster gear changes
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.08.2013 , 08:32 PM | #571
I'm not going to rant, threaten to rage-quit, or report anyone to the BBB, because I'm an adult - and because this is a video game. I didn't spend real dollars on the Phantom Armors, because they weren't that hard to acquire with a few dailies, but I did put time into the design of a Shadow to wear the armor, and I had planned on wearing it more or less permanently. I honestly didn't know there was a mistake, because I don't buy cartel packs. I pop into the forums from time to time but, as a creature of habit, I only check a couple locations and look at patch notes. While it is true that the onus should fall on me to read the developer's notes regarding known issues, the fact that the armor wasn't restricted until it was fixed led me and many others, obviously, to believe that there wasn't a problem or an upcoming fix for it. The reason I was so pleased with the Phantom Armor was that it looked so functional. It looked like something a Sniper, Operative, or Shadow would wear; sleek, dark, and uncomplicated. To top it all off, I got to see my character's hair. I cannot be the only person who plays this game who takes all of the character customization seriously, and by slapping a giant hood on my head, not only have you made the armor look less functional (no peripheral vision, muffled hearing), but you're hiding my hair, again. I put hair on my character for a reason: because it coordinates with the overall aesthetic. The armor and pink/purple saber looked absolutely killer on my pureblood sith, and the fact that I could actually see her hair rapidly made her a new favorite character.

Like I said, this is not going to ruin my gameplay experience, cause me to unsub, or try to get anyone in trouble. I can understand if there were people upset about dropping coin on cartel packs only to find out the armor they wanted didn't look like the artwork, but I think the developers might have inadvertently forgot that there were quite a few people who were pleasantly surprised at an armor option that didn't look like a walking pile of laundry or deranged Transformer.

I don't post here often. I've enjoyed the game since launch, I play nearly every day, and I generally find very little to complain about. If the Phantom Armor was a mistake, it was like penicillin. If you don't bring that particular armor back, I'm here to tell you that you should seriously consider adding more like it.

Or for the sake of all that is sweet and sticky in Odin's beard, incorporate a hood toggle.

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01.08.2013 , 08:32 PM | #572
I loved the sleek, catsuit look of my Spymaster chest piece - unique among Jedi characters - now completely ruined with no alternative available on the GTN.

I also won't play the game until the Spymaster armour is changed back or an alternative is available.

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01.08.2013 , 08:34 PM | #573
I paid a substantial amount of credits on the GTN for 2 of the Phantom chest pieces based on what they looked like in game. Who just goes and makes changes to existing gear? This is inexplicable. They are completely hideous now. I just don't get it.

Just one bad decision after another, Bioware.

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01.08.2013 , 08:34 PM | #574
Best thing to do is for them to release the old version as an alternate, and have a limited time where it can be exchanged free of charge.

I can understand some of the anger but constantly insulting the devs isnt really helping anyhthing, and quite likely makes them more prone to ignore a legitimate complaint. Before you say it it's not their job to troll thru the muck to find the rose so to speak. Say what you need to say without the insults, just makes you look bad, and doesnt help your cause, whatever it may be at all.

I support the spirit of the thread, and not the venom within it.
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01.08.2013 , 08:37 PM | #575
Quote: Originally Posted by Beranzen View Post
TLDR I support the spirit of the thread, and not the venom within it.
We don't need your maturity and perspective! This is the internet!

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01.08.2013 , 08:37 PM | #576
Quote: Originally Posted by Magnusheart View Post
as a life long Teir`Dal of Eq1 from beta and eq2 from beta, hearing you say that brings joy to my heart. As a sith marauder from beta, i can do nothing but grin at your reckless emotional outburst. As a human, i can do nothing but laugh in your face because i couldnt care less.

Thank you for everything you have done for me.
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PaladinAlane's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 08:38 PM | #577
I like the changes. Infact, since the change to the trailblazer's set i bought the whole damn set simply because i felt it added more to the ****** rogue look that the set portrayed.

The phantom set finally looks like it was meant to, when i dropped cash money on the packs to try and get it only to have it not appear as i had been lead to believe.

The spymaster set actually feels like it's there, rather than a flat, boring, uninspiring paint application over my characters nude body, and the helmet looks amazing with it's new HUD eyepiece, and other tech attachments.

The preceptor set has gained the air of ****** that was portrayed in the cartel market, and is now a respectable outfit for a jedi of any persuasion to don and enjoy.

I understand that some of you bought these items for their incorrect and bugged appearances, something that was noted in the dev tracker, which is seperated out of threads so that you can stay informed of bugs and problems as and when they are found. I understand that the changes came as a surprise, as you failed to read the notice informing you of it, both before the patch, and after it was rolled out with the included patch notes presented to you, on the launcher.

I can even understand that you expected these items to never change, as they'd been around for a month, regardless that the terms of service specifically note that all assets and game services are subject to change at the discretion of Electronic Arts and Bioware austin, and that by agreeing to those terms in order to play the game, you wavered your right to any refunds or exchanges in relation to game assets, which you were merely buying access to utilise during your time on Bioware's servers.

IF they change these back, they will cause another uproar of equal proportion from those who waited patiently for the assets to reflect their advertised depictions.

IF they add an exchange service to get the old appearances back for those who are unhappy or feel cheated by the change due to their own refusal to stay informed, it will be a courtesy that they have afforded you out of good will and a wish to maintain a welcoming environment for their customers.

However, neither of these solutions should be expected, demanded, nor are they as a company in any way obligated to do so.

Stop complaining that you dropped hundreds in Cartel packs with no guarantee that you would even get these items in the first place. Stop demanding refunds on your entire cartel coin history, as even if they were liable and compelled to give you a refund, you'd only be eligible for a refund on the packs that the items appeared in.

And for goodness sake... stop threatening to cancel your subscription unless they give in to your demands. You merely look spoilt and self entitled. When buying cartel packs, you were gambling. There was never any guaranteed payoff. You merely paid for the chance to win something.


TLDR version: Thank you for fixing the appearance of the equipment, please offer some form of exchange service for the gear to attain the old appearances for those who feel inconvenienced.

Don't be a douche to the devs for doing what they were obligated to do to follow advertising and trading standards laws world over. It's your fault for gambling.
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01.08.2013 , 08:39 PM | #578
I like french fries.
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01.08.2013 , 08:40 PM | #579
So as is the norm, BioWare has done something incredibly stupid that any sane developer would have looked at an realized was incredibly stupid and quickly would have come up with a different solution. Like the Malavai Quinn romance. The changes to expertise. The changes to resolve. Getting rid of the large amount of moddables and color match to chest in beta. Buffing derpsmash. The list goes on, and the cartel pack adaptive armor debacle is now added to it.

I really don't get it, the devs know we hate two things above all about the ugly armor they keep throwing at us.

1. Hoods.

2. Crazy things glued on the armor, usually at the shoulders.

And yet, that's what they added to these armor sets for the most part. I like to imagine the brainstorming sessions the devs have when they come up with this stuff:

"Hey, you know that armor Jadus wears that we don't really have an attractive custom version of in game for SIs to wear, and yet we know they want without stripes or bronze tubes and pink accents- Let's give it to them, except, LET'S MAKE IT UGLIER, add a hood they adore so much, the mummy shoulders... and damn, it needs something else.... I KNOW, antenna on the gloves! Perfect!"

"I was thinking we should give them a JC styled set, maybe something nice and simple with no crazy shoulders or hoods or strange accessories, maybe just a nice robe with some gold accents. But then, IS IT REALLY a JC inspired look without an ugly hood and inexplicably stupid shoulders? I THINK NOT!"

Essentially, every change was awful with maybe the exception of the collar on the trailblazer (the shoulder is inexplicable and stupid), and they couldn't even improve the whole set, the changes to the trailblazer boots ruined one of the nicest and sleekest boots they've added.

Any sane developer would have realized that people wanted the items they got in game, they used those items, they designed outfits around those items, and wouldn't want them to randomly change. A sane developer wouldn't have changed them. A sane developer would have apologized for the minor fail at advertising something that wasn't exactly as it was advertised and offered the "corrected" sets as sets players could buy in the 'Equipment' section and discounted them for a few weeks for the players that wanted them and bought packs for them only to be let down. They could then correct the advertising image to what was actually in the pack, and everyone would be happy.

But no, this is BioWare. I hope BioWare does the right thing NOW though, the thing I described in the above paragraph.

RenegadeClone's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 08:41 PM | #580
An exchange service and a refund for the credits I spent augmenting these pieces would be welcomed.