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Laptop not using dedicated graphics card for SWTOR

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Laptop not using dedicated graphics card for SWTOR

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01.08.2013 , 08:36 PM | #11
I have had this issue. The work around for it, is getting the right graphics drivers. The ones from the HP site are just garbage. I was able to download the latest drives from AMD site and perform the following tasks.
1. Switched to use the High Performance option, this switches to using the dedicated card.
2. Open Device manager, disable the integrated card, this will be the Intel one. After this the graphics might look a little funny but bare with me.
3. Install the new drivers downloaded form AMD. Since the integrated card is not seen the drivers will install without an issue.
4. Reboot if needed.
5. Re-enable the intel drivers if you want the ability to save your battery life. But if you don't the game is unable to use the integrated card, which is what is happening.

Try this and see how it goes. Make sure you switch to the high performance option first otherwise it will not show any video on the screen. I have a HP DV7-6014TX laptop which can play the game well. It has a RADEON HS 6770M 1GB DDR5 card and an Intel 4000+ chip. The drivers from HP have been my issue, they aren't updated frequently and there is no need to from their perspective when it works for most things.

Also still make sure that the high performance option in the power plans is selected and making sure that the PCIe bus is set to high performance in this section too.