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*** Official Ebon Hawk Advanced Craftables List ***

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*** Official Ebon Hawk Advanced Craftables List ***

Remamian's Avatar

01.07.2013 , 07:10 PM | #1
All listed prices are for the crafting fee only. Materials must be provided in addition to the crafting fee. Names are listed as Imperial/Republic. I do my best to keep this late up to date and accurate, thanks up until now goes to Decipere. However, it is up to buyers to contact their crafters and confirm what is being made.

Barrels 27:
Reflex Barrel 27 - Good'ash/Not'sure, Cagnokk [FREE]
Skill Barrel 27 - Qilué/K'yra [FREE]
Commando Barrel 27 - Mets

Barrels 26:

Hilts 27:
Force Wielder Hilt 27 - Powwers/Jaberse, Zallone [FREE]
Resolve Hilt 27 - Quinas, Te'ras/Sarale [FREE]
Might Hilt 27 - Pall, bulmaco [FREE]; Tullus [4 Million]
Guardian Hilt 27 - Qilué/K'yra, Pall [FREE]

Hilts 26:
Guardian Hilt 26 - Wrecks [FREE]
Might Hilt 26 - Fa'lorn/Fallorn, Boblemal, Mealla/Lunachick [FREE]

Armorings 27:
Commando Armoring 27 - Zildan, Lindee/Johnrogers, Rotinaj/Paullus [FREE]
Force Wielder Armoring 27 - Ghoste, Optimax, Zildan [FREE]; Ayakaru [500K]
Guardian Armoring 27 - Zalakai, Kandel/Leife [FREE], Zildan [FREE]
Might Armoring 27 - Stew [FREE], Isthia, Camillius [1 Million], Zildan [FREE]
Reflex Armoring 27 - Hal'stadat/Hel'is [FREE]
Resolve Armoring 27 - Stew, Biggy/Plux, Qilué/K'yra, Optimax [FREE]
Skill Armoring 27 - Stew, Biggy/Plux [FREE],Teric/Melena [FREE]

Armorings 26:
Force Wielder Armoring 26 - Bromontana [FREE]
Commando Armoring 26 - Remamian, Biggy/Plux, Fa'lorn/Fallorn, Wrehn [FREE]
Guardian Armoring 26 - Dryst [500K]
Might Armoring 26 - Eden-grace/Ystrid, Bromontana [FREE]; Dryst [250K]
Skill Armoring 26 - Xal'rak [FREE], Dryst [250K]
Reflex Armoring 26 - Jaberse, Biggy/Plux, Lindee/Johnrogers [FREE]; Dryst, Volkov [250K]
Resolve Armoring 26 - Nîko, Biggy/Plux, Zildan [FREE]; Lucciano, Eden-grace/Ystrid [FREE]
Force Wielder Armoing 26 - Zildan [FREE]

Mods 27:
Weighted Mod 27b - Qilué/K'yra, Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [FREE]
Agile Mod 27 - Biggy/Plux, Rotinaj/Paullus [FREE]
Agile Mod 27A - Lindee/Johnrogers [FREE]; Snickelfritz [400K]
Aptitude Mod 27 - Stew [FREE]; Qilué/K'yra [FREE], Elys'rana [300K]
Artful Mod 27 - Stew [FREE],Teric/Melena [FREE], Qilué/K'yra, Rotinaj/Paullus [FREE]
Deflecting Mod 27 - Remamian [FREE]
Advanced Deflecting Mod 27B - Biggy/Plux, Wrehn[FREE]
Deflecting Mod 27b - Jabuscus/Kel'reen [FREE]
Deft Mod 27A - Kandel/Leife, Alish/Tam [FREE]. Var'a, Korvús [200K]
Deft Mod 27 - Qilué/K'yra, Wrecks, bulmaco [FREE]
Deft Mod 27B - Alish/Tam [FREE]
Elusive Mod 27 - Wesylar [???K], Kandel/Leife [FREE]
Elusive Mod 27B - Biggy/Plux [FREE]
Nimble Mod 27 - Zildan [FREE]
Nimble Mod 27b - Mealla/Lunachick [FREE]
Potent Mod 27 - Zildan, Cryrre [FREE]
Potent Mod 27A - Korvús [200K]; Isthia [300K]
Potent Mod 27B - Firemessiah [FREE]
Reinforced Mod 27B - Quirinuse, Lindee/Johnrogers [FREE]; Envii/Elecom [100K]
Robust Mod 27 - Stew, Alish/Tam, Lindee [FREE]
Robust Mod 27b - Zildan [FREE], Envii/Elecom [100k]
Mettle Mod 27 - Qilué/K'yra [FREE], Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [FREE]
Mettle Mod 27A - Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [FREE]
Keen Mod 27b - Zallone, Neranel/Nerane [FREE]
Keen Mod 27 - Zildan [FREE]

Mods 26:
Agile Mod 26 - Jaberse, Biggy, BrooklynKnight, Zildan, Lindee, Wrehn, bulmaco, Enalis/Aterus,Cryrre, Mealla/Lunachick [FREE]
Aptitude Mod 26 - Powwers/Jaberse, Nîko, Rhenarius/Aquilina, Zildan,Enalis/Aterus, Mealla/Lunachick [FREE]
Aptitude Mod 26A - Jephos [50K], Suzina [250K], Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [FREE]
Aptitude Mod 26B - Nîko [FREE]; Jephos [50K], Zallone [FREE]
Artful Mod 26 - Powwers/Jaberse, Zildan, Enalis/Aterus, bulmaco, Cryrre [FREE]; Släughter, Stew [50K];
Deflecting Mod 26 - Biggy/Plux [FREE]; Jar'axel [150K]
Deflecting Mod 26B - Powwers/Jaberse [FREE]
Deft Mod 26 - Isad'ia, Zildan, Cryrre, Bromontana, Enalis/Aterus, bulmaco, Cryrre [FREE]
Deft Mod 26B - Biggy/Plux [FREE]; Eden-grace [50K]
Elusive Mod 26 - Wesylar [100K]
Elusive Mod 26B - Zildan, Mealla/Lunachick [FREE]; Jemrich [150K]
Keen Mod 26 - bulmaco, Enalis/Aterus, Mealla/Lunachick [FREE]
Keen Mod 26B - Remamian, Zildan, Lindee/Johnrogers [FREE]; Jemrich, Jar'axel [100K], Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [FREE]
Mettle Mod 26 - Rhenarius/Aquilina, Zildan, Mealla/Lunachick [FREE]; Suzina [250K], Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [FREE]
Mettle Mod 26B - Zildan [FREE], Zallone, bulmaco [FREE]
Zildan, Wrecks, Strena, Mealla/Lunachick [FREE]
Nimble Mod 26b - Mealla/Lunachick [FREE]
Potent Mod 26 - Amarune/BrooklynKnight,Bromontana, Bromontana, bulmaco, Mealla/Lunachick [FREE]
Potent Mod 26b - Zallone, Cryrre [FREE]
Potent Mod 26A - Cryrre, Cryrre [FREE]
Reinforced Mod 26 - Powwers/Jaberse, Amano/Beefstick [FREE]
Reinforced Mod 26B - Enalis/Aterus, Zildan, Wrecks [FREE]; Jemrich [150K]
Resilient Mod 26 - Lindee/Johnrogers [FREE], Zallone, bulmaco [FREE]
Resilient Mod 26B - Jemrich [200K]
Weighted Mod 26 - Biggy/Plux [FREE]
Weighted Mod 26B - Biggy/Plux, Qilué/K'yra, Remamian [FREE], Jemrich [150K],
Robust Mod 26b - Zallone [FREE]
Robust Mod 26 - Zallone [FREE], Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [FREE]

Enhancements 27:
Acute Enhancement 27 - Biggy/Plux, [COLOR="RED]Syrgeas[/COLOR] [FREE]; Sandry [300K]
Adept Enhancement 27 - Stew, Fa'lorn/Fallorn, Wrecks, Xal'rak, Rotinaj/Paullus. Tokra [FREE]
Assault Enhancement 27 - Firemessiah [FREE]
Bastion Enhancment 27 - Remamian, Ghoste, Zallone [FREE]
Initiative Enhancement 27 - Stew, Rotinaj/Paullus [FREE]
Insight Enhancement 27 - Stew [FREE]; Shoda'ka [200K], Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [FREE]
Proficient Enhancement 27 - Powwers/Jaberse [FREE]; Trothad [400K], Zallone [FREE]
Quick Savant Enhancement 27 - Pall [FREE]
Steadfast Enhancement 27 - Qilué/K'yra [FREE]
Vigilant Enhancement 27 - Ghoste [FREE], Zallone, Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [FREE]
Volition Enhancement 27 - NONE!
Battle Enhancement 27 - Skafias [FREE]

Enhancements 26:
Acute Enhancement 26 - Zildan [FREE]; Joressa/Daharel, Släughter, Andreafawcett [50K], Zallone, Mealla/Lunachick [FREE], Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [FREE]
Adept Enhancement 26 - Biggy, Rhenarius, Zildan, Lindee, Enalis/Aterus, Zallone, Bromontana, Xal'rak, bulmaco, Tokra, Mealla/Lunachick, Oly'veah/Laneeah [FREE]
Assault Enhancement 26 -Biggy/Plux, Zildan, Bromontana[FREE]; Trothad [50K]
Bastion Enhancement 26 - Remamian, Enalis/Aterus [FREE]; Kotl [125K], Zallone [FREE]
Battle Enhancement 26 - Zildan, Lindee/Johnrogers, Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena, Strena, Mealla/Lunachick [FREE]
Bulwark Enhancement 26 - Remamian, Biggy, BrooklynKnight, Zildan, Lindee, Enalis, Strena [FREE]
Cognizant Enhancement 26 - Powwers/Jaberse, Zildan, Lindee/Johnrogers [FREE]
Efficient Enhancement 26 - Biggy/Plux [FREE]
Finesse Enhancement 26 - Släughter [50K]
Initiative Enhancement 26 - Zildan, Lindee/Johnrogers, Mealla/Lunachick [FREE]; Jephos [50K]
Insight Enhancement 26 - Zildan [FREE]; Jephos [50K]
Intuition Enhancement 26 - Amarune/BrooklynKnight Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena, bulmaco [FREE]
Proficient Enhancement 26 - Eden-grace/Ystrid [FREE]
Quick Savant Enhancement 26 - Sæmus, Biggy/Plux, Zildan [FREE]
Savant Enhancement 26 - Biggy/Plux, Lindee/Johnrogers [FREE]
Steadfast Enhancement 26 - Wrecks [FREE]
Volition Enhancement 26 - Rhenarius/Aquilina, Zildan [FREE], Lindee/Johnrogers; Jephos [50K]
Vigilant Enhancement 26 - bulmaco [FREE]

Hazmat Implants/Earpieces (63):
Hazmat Bulwark's MK-3 Implant - Brendeezy [800K]
Hazmat Bulwark's MK-3 Module - Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [1 Million]
Hazmat Demolisher's MK-1 Module - Biggy/Plux [500K]
Hazmat Duelist's Mk-1 Implant - Dryst [800k]
Hazmat Demolisher's MK-3 Implant - Hal'stadat [1 Million]
Hazmat Foestopper's MK-1 Device - Snickelfritz [800K]
Hazmat Force-lord's MK-1 Relay - Biggy/Plux [500K]; Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [1 Million]
Hazmat Force-lord's MK-2 Relay - Teric/Melena [1 Million]
Hazmat Pummeler's MK-1 Device - Wrehn [FREE]
Hazmat Pummeler's MK-3 Package - Kandel/Leife [500K]
Hazmat Striker's MK-1 Chip - Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [1 Million]
Hazmat Striker's MK-2 Chip - Selene'Athena/Keira'Athena [1 Million]
Hazmat Striker's MK-2 Motivator (Implant) - Zildan [1 Million]
Hazmat Targeter's MK-1 Enhancer - Hypernovae/Red'october [1 Million]
Hazmat Trapper's MK-2 Device - Teric/Melena [1 Million]
Hazmat Targeter's Mk-4 Adapter - [COLOR="RED]Syrgeas[/COLOR] [1 Million]

Black-Hole Implants/Earpieces (61):
Black Hole Annihilator's MK-3 Enhancer - Scourgeslilbro/Diomeds [150K]
Black Hole Annihilator's MK-1 Enhancer - Courmac [20K]; Powwers/Jaberse [60K]
Black Hole Boltblaster's MK-1 Device - Eden-grace/Ystrid [FREE]
Black Hole Bulwark's MK-1 Enhancer - Zildan [FREE], Catheana [100K]; Scourgeslilbro/Diomeds [150K]
Black Hole Bulwark's MK-1 Implant - Exian/Nextal [FREE]
Black Hole Bulwark's MK-2 Implant - Exian/Nextal [FREE]
Black Hole Bulwark's MK-3 Enhancer - Scourgeslilbro/Diomeds [150K]
Black Hole Demolisher's MK-1 Enhancer - Catheana [100K]; Scourgeslilbro/Diomeds [150K]
Black Hole Demolisher's MK-1 Module - Zildan
Black Hole Demolisher's MK-3 Module - Biggy/Plux [500K]
Black Hole Duelist's MK-1 Implant - Catheana [100K]
Black Hole Duelist's MK-2 Implant - Wrecks
Black Hole Duelist's MK-2 Module - Eden-grace/Ystrid [FREE]
Black Hole Duelist's MK-1 Module - Zildan
Black Hole Foestopper's MK-1 Device - Ayakaru [150K]
Black Hole Foestopper's MK-3 Package - Zildan [FREE], Scourgeslilbro/Diomeds [150K]
Black Hole Foestopper's MK-3 Device - Korvús [50K]
Black Hole Force-healer's MK-4 System - Remamian [FREE]
Black Hole Force-lord's MK-1 System - Asami/Alecia, Cryrre [FREE]
Black Hole Mender's MK-1 System - Powwers/Jaberse [60K]; Catheana [100K]
Black Hole Med-tech's MK-1 System - Powwers/Jaberse [60K]
Black Hole Pummeler's MK-1 Package - Powwers/Jaberse [60K]
Black Hole Pummeler's MK-2 Package - Fa'lorn/Fallorn [FREE]
Black Hole Pummeler's MK-3 Package - Catheana [100K]
Black Hole Striker's MK-1 Motivator - Asami/Alecia, Joressa/Daharel [100K]
Black Hole Striker's MK-2 Motivator - Rhenarius/Aquilina [FREE]
Black Hole Trapper's MK-3 Device - Juto/Judake [FREE]
Black Hole Trapper's MK-4 Package - Wisteria/Rosale [FREE]
Black Hole Trapper's MK-1 Module - Zildan [FREE]

Campaign Relic of Dark Radiance - Carn'a [FREE], Jephos [50K]
Campaign Relic of Ephemeral Mending - Jephos [50K]
Campaign Relic of Elemental Transcendence - bulmaco [FREE]
Campaign Relic of Imperiling Serenity - Jephos [50K]
Campaign Relic of the Kinetic Tempest - Sæmus [FREE]
Campaign Relic of Primeval Fatesealer - Jephos [50K]
Warstalker Relic of Boundless Ages - Camlas/Adino [FREE]
Dread Guard Relic of Boundless Ages - Altheasha [FREE], Evilbobmmcc/Boblemal [30K]
Dread Guard Relic of Elemental Transcendence - Jevarrik, Randolo, Strena, Jalen [FREE]
Dread Guard Relic of Shield Amplification - Etria [FREE]
Dread Guard Relic of Ephemeral Mending - Strena [FREE]

If you can craft something please reply so we can build a compendium of craftables for the server. I will check this thread daily to try to keep it up to date with everyone's schematics. Duplicates are fine, it provides everyone more crafting sources. If you have a different price please note it as well so I can post it up. You can also contact me in game Empire side @ Remamian for any questions.

*** In memory of Decipere ***

Remamian's Avatar

01.07.2013 , 07:15 PM | #2
Thank you Decipere for all your hard work up until now! I hope your future endeavors are fruitful and wonderful in nature. With your blessing i'll be taking over the updating of this list. I ask all those that are using this list and have posted items to give a check over what is listed to make sure your pricing and craft-able items are up to date. Thank you Ebon Hawk for all your hard work in using this list and also getting the items, keep it up and happy hunting!


CrimsonDravik's Avatar

01.07.2013 , 07:20 PM | #3
Teric/Melena can make
Skill 27 armor
Artful 27 mod,
and the fee for the force-lord mk2 is one mil, just like the trapper ear

exidus's Avatar

01.07.2013 , 07:22 PM | #4
qilué can craft resolve 27 armor, aptitude 27, artful 27,deft 27, mettle 27 , weighted 26b and skill barrel 27 all free with mats

FangBlades's Avatar

01.07.2013 , 07:31 PM | #5
Zallone can craft the following free with mats:
Acute Ench 26,
Adept Ench 26,
Bastion Ench 26,
Proficient Ench 27,
Vigilant Ench 27,
Aptitude Mod 26B,
Mettle Mod 26 B,
Robust Mod 26,
Robust Mod 26B,
Keen Mod 27B.

zildax's Avatar

01.07.2013 , 10:41 PM | #6
Zildan can also craft:

Guardian 27 Armoring (free)
Force Wielder 26 Armoring (free)
Potent mod 27B (free)
Resilient mod 26 (free)

hazmat striker's mk-2 motivator (implant) - 1 mil fee

EnalisNailo's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 12:40 AM | #7
Still have enalis/aterus mistakenly listed under weighted mod 26 >.>

Do you want to put the magenta crystal crafters up too? Enalis can craft all of them except expertise(can anyone?) and +41 power.
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minervasunrider's Avatar

01.08.2013 , 12:59 AM | #8
Selene'Athena (imperial) and Keira'Athena (Republic) can craft the following stuff from <Empire>'s old list:

Advanced Mettle Mod 27
Advanced Mettle Mod 27A

Advanced Aptitude Mod 26A
Advanced Keen Mod 26B
Advanced Mettle Mod 26
Advanced Robust Mod 26

Advanced Insight Enhancement 27

Advanced Acute Enhancement 26
Advanced Battle Enhancement 26
Advanced Intuition Enhancement 26

Free with mats.

Sorry about the poor formatting/lack of links.

Oh - and thanks for maintaining this thread. It's going to be a great help.
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01.08.2013 , 04:21 PM | #9
Would be nice, if we could get this sticky'd.
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01.08.2013 , 06:11 PM | #10
Cryrre (alt of Sythise, republic side) can craft Advanced Deft Mod 26 and Advanced Potent Mod 26A

Edit: Also its free w/mats across the board