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Easy way to get most people to stop QQing

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Easy way to get most people to stop QQing

zephutt's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 01:38 PM | #1
THIS IS NOT ME QQing just a suggestion.

The anticipation and not knowing/constantly checking e-mail is what is getting most people on edge because they don't wanna miss their invite.

Send an e-mail to everyone informing them of their wave number or just post date brackets with wave numbers then announce each wave by its number. That way people have some sort of idea of when they will get in.

eg. if someone knows they are in wave 8 because of their redeem date. and wave 4 was just called in they know that they are probably going to be in late tomorrow and they can just occasionally check in to see what wave was last called in and start watching their e-mail like a hawk once their wave is next. only having 1-2 hrs of anxiety instead of a day or two will cause a lot less stress/complaining.

TLDR: give people some sort of idea when they will get in. I redeemed late so I know I'm going to be in the tail end of it. but it would be nice to know if everyone is gonna be in in the first few days or if I really might not get in until saterday or sunday.