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Gav Daragon Faction pvp tormament

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Gav Daragon Faction pvp tormament

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12.24.2012 , 05:03 PM | #1
Hey every body! me and Sharth Jila will be hosting a pvp faction tornament.

There will be 2 armys (a republic 1 and a imperial 1) made up of willing soldiers ready to fight for there faction!!
This will be a open world pvp match on Ilum where there is room for a reasonably big sized army to fight it out.

Before we start we need sponcers!! We will be making a poster soon with all the guilds sponcering logos.
Heres how it works - Seen as there will of course be a winning army we need prize money so talk to your guilds and get them to mail me-pig on the imperial faction or Sharth on republic faction and post a link to your guild logo on this thread the more credits you sponcer us with thre mroe the prize money will be and the bigger publicity yuor guild will get!

Me and Sharth will be postign further updaets on the Faction armys but till then we need particapints! -put your character name in this thread and yuor faction and we''ll keep you all up-to-date.

For further questions mail me or Sharth.

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01.06.2013 , 01:16 PM | #2
Ok Pig and I have just put the finishing touches to part 1 of this event:
Fight for Belsavis.
How this event will work is that each ac will have duels to decide that classes champion then the 8 champions from each ac will duel to decide the faction winner who receives 250k prize money. These 2 winners are going to be the army leaders for their respective factions.
There will then be the best out of 5 duel for overall server champion who receives an additional 500k and a suprise bonus for their army in the main war.
These duels will be on belsavis and are held by dawn as they are our first sponsors. The ac mirrors will be on at the same time. To get in on your ac duels you must put down character names and classes in this thread. If you do not put your name in this thread you are not allowed to participate in the duels.

Event will be on the 26th and/or the 27th of January (depending on how we go for time) and each ac gets 1hr for all duels(if it takes longer than so be it). This will start at approximately 10:00 a.m. GMT+11 time.

Stay tuned for more information, rules and a back story.
Sharth and Pig
[img]<a href=\"\" alt=\"swtor guild hosting\"><img src=\"\"></a>[/img] -From Sharth

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01.08.2013 , 02:00 PM | #3
This is my first attempt at writing rp so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Part 1 of the fight for Gav Daragon
The Fight for Belsavis

Belsavis is a world rich in recourses and holds many untold secrets. For this reason Imperial and Republic forces have been fighting for this world as if one side were to fully control this world they would gain an upper hand in the war.

Republic Fleet commander:
The Imperials are making a final push for Belsavis and several skirmishes have broken out across the world. The only hope for the Republic is if our most elite fighters duel the enemies commanders for control of Belsavis. Hopefully a new leader for republic forces will rise from the shadows of this war and bring the world of Belsavis back under Republic control.

The Dark Council to forces currently on Belsavis:
After our victories in the first wave of attacks the Republic are sending their best troops to kill our leaders. If we wish to gain complete control of Belsavis we must kill the commander of these would be assassins.Their commanderís identity is currently unknown so it is up to you to discover who is strongest amongst you and they then have to discover and kill this mysterious person. I do not have to remind you that the victor of Belsavivs will gain an upper hand in the greater war. -from Sharth (plz note that i am just copy and pasting this onto forums here fro those who dont bother to look at the enjin server website)