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A King without a Kingdom:The Story of Lord Sapiens

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A King without a Kingdom:The Story of Lord Sapiens

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01.06.2013 , 12:47 PM | #1
This just a story of a character I've been musing on, who I have written about before on the old site and have now reworked. I hope you can enjoy my flimsy writing in this small prologue, and as usual constructive criticisms are welcome to help me make the next part more enjoyable.


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My name is Lord Sapiens, and if these words are now laid out before you my fate has already been decided in one way or another. If you happen to be the one that decided it for me then congratulations on proving your strength and skill, and I hope that you find enough inspiration in this to make you regret it. If you are not the one who killed me, which will most likely be how this life of mine ends, then I hope it would not be too much to ask you to return the favor in my stead. They most likely deserve it.

But I digress.

In everyone’s lifetime there are crucial moments which forge their eventual destinies, whether they are sudden or the culmination of previous choices. How one handles these moments is what makes the paths one will follow in life, and it is the conflicts on these paths that separate the strong from the weak. Forty-five years before the treaty of Coruscant, as the Sith Empire prepared for its great invasion of the inferior Republic, I would come face to face with such a moment against my will in a training area of the Dromund Kaas academy.

It is from that moment my time as Sapiens truly began, but this life has ultimately been one of failure since my ambitions of a kingdom will most likely never be fulfilled. Even so I regret none of it simply because if I had done things a different way the man that writes this tale would never have existed, which would be unfortunate to some and fortunate to others who play important roles in my story. Tales of failure are just as important as tales of victory, and it is in this light that I hope you see me as I lay out the thoughts of my mind and the feelings of my heart. Once you are finished you will know the intentions of my actions and the reasons for my successes and failures, and it is with this knowledge that I hope you avoid similar mistakes.

Long live the force, and may it bless you with power.
"This is all very interesting, but why should I care?"
―Kyle Katarn