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Information Request: Crashing to Desktop

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Information Request: Crashing to Desktop
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KostonxEld's Avatar

01.04.2013 , 11:35 PM | #591
I am still having this horrible problem. Yesterday I was on for 6hours + and crashed 6 times! This just started when 1.4 came out. Before that I NEVER crashed to desktop and now this! I am going to try this memory "fix" that others are posting about and will post my outcome.

59 pages of people posting about this problem and still no fix?! Come on!!
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TheSM's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 12:22 AM | #592
Quote: Originally Posted by Berserkuss View Post
Sry, but this is only placebo Software and Voodoo!
Its only fluke that swtor has run over 4hour. ^^
I never said that the memory manager solved the problem, I simply said I hadn't crashed while using it. I played again yesterday and am still playing right now and I've yet to experience a CTD. There is a very high chance that I just didn't happen to CTD but we can't rule out the fact that the memory manager that another user linked did actually do some good.

KostonxEld's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 09:49 AM | #593
I just did the vista 3gb switch some users had recommended so trying this now.
Question, after typing the command prompt line it said successful, but after I restart my comp is terr a way to check to see if it really did anything?
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murdurr's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 10:46 AM | #594
confirmed fix.

shinobi_III's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 11:27 AM | #595
1. The Harbinger
2. Kerriâ, Kediniish, Nystilda
3. 3-6 times a day
4. When ever, where ever


Nemhain's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 11:54 AM | #596
Hi, having this crashes for a while now...will try to give as much information as possible.

1.Name of server : Red Eclipse
2.Name of character(s) affected: All
3.Frequency of crashing – how many crashes, how often?

- Everyday after a couple of hours more or less.

4.Any potentially helpful information about crash triggers, what you are doing before a crash, etc.

- Usually after group up for fp's or pvp, when loading screens appear, also when I quit game the game freeze not even going to desktop, only way is by opening task manager and it says SWtOR is not replying and I close the task.

5.Your DXDiag in spoiler tags


6.Your reliability report:

- Did as you asked but couldn't find it.

7. It don't send me directly to desktop, the game just freeze up and i have to get out manually.

Hope this can help you guys at supporte center to fix the issue.
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KostonxEld's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 01:22 PM | #597
Yes this seems to have fixed my problem also. Where was this 1 line months ago?! Windows vista, used the increaseuserva 3072 line and was able to play for almost 4 hours straight!
Bring it on Sith, the Jedi shall prevail!

Aerilius's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 03:28 PM | #598
2.Aerilius, Ajmorales, A'jjay, a'jay, a'quila, ethics
3.Crashes once every 2-3 hours of playtime no matter what
4.I could be doing anything from dailies to raiding to warzones and It will happen randomly


7.It just crashes to desktop without any warning

PlanetLove's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 06:43 PM | #599
Guys, I used the 3 GB Switch with WinXP 32Bit SP3, 4GB RAM, but it only works when running windowed mode? (this is very odd...). Fullscreen I still crash after 1-2 hours.
And windowed mode has its own problems: large, populated planets are unplayable because FPS is much lower than in fullscreen and freezes (have to reset PC) are frequent especially when using a taxi. (Instances, fleet, pvp is fine usually)

edit: would using a 64Bit System even help much? And if you have 8GB RAM or more, how do you make SWTOR use more than 3GB?

LaOosaki's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 07:55 PM | #600
Dear Bioware,
I'm sure you're enjoying your vacation, but we need answers here! And a maintenance, please!
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