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Healing Hand bugged

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01.05.2013 , 04:16 PM | #1
summary: Healing Hand does not increase the amount healed while Upper Hand is present.

The description of Healing Hand with 3 points put into the ability reads:
Increases all healing dealt by 3% at all times and an additional 6% while Upper Hand is active. Additionally increases the duration of Upper Hand by 6 seconds.

The tooltips are extremely bugged and quite often display fictitious values. After a couple hours of testing I believe Healing Hand does NOT grant an additional 6% while "Upper Hand is active" as described.

Underworld Medicine (no buffs)
tool tip dispays "2862-3180" for the range of the healing ability WITHOUT Upper Hand being present.
With Upper Hand present it shows "3195-3550". Upper Hand's presence is increasing the tooltip value by 8.95%, or 9% if we round up. The value of 9% would be the total benefit gained from Healing Hand IF both passive and active values were added together and granted only when Upper Hand is present contrary to the description of Healing Hand. The problem is that the amounts healed while Upper Hand is present are NOT increased.

After several hours of spamming and recording value ranges I had noticed an anomaly. The frequency of the minimum amount healed increased while Upper Hand was present and the maximum values became more rare. Additionaly, the amount healed which is supposed to include the "an additional 6% while Upper Hand is active" from Healing Hand is not displayed; unsure if it applies amount directly to target without showing increased value.

Here are my recorded values:

Underworld Medicine
(No buffs whatsoever)

w/o UH
2862-3180: min 2970/3289 crit 5999/6709
w/ UH
3195-3550: min 2973-3289 crit 6042/6688

note: occasionaly tooltip would show 2700-3000 after consuming UH.

This shows that Healing Hand does NOT increase the amount healed by an additional 6%. It also shows that the tool tip adds the supposed total of 3% (passive) and the 6% (active) amounts together when displaying the increase that is supposed to be gained.

How I performed this was to ignore the first amount healed unless there was an existing charge already present on Upper Hand. The majority of the tests with Upper Hand were performed with 3 charges.

I did not test without Healing Hand in the skill list. I am unsure if the values are applied at all times and have only noticed that they are not applied after Upper Hand is gained as described.

Incase someone questions, here are the character's stats used for testing:
lvl 50 Scoundrel without any buffs
Cunning 2006
Damage (pri) 893-1146
Bonus 598.6
Critical Chance 31.76%
Critical Multiplier 73.64%
Bonus Damage 879.3
Bonus Healing 634.2
Critical Chance 30.82%
Critical Multiplier 73.64%

p.s. while testing I realized "bonus" amounts are only applied to the critical values. ie, if Crit then DmgBonusMultiplier=amount. If I'm mistaken I would like to be corrected.