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Hardmode "manners"

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01.05.2013 , 01:54 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by Fallenenjeru View Post
We as long term players should be doing our utmost to help new people as one day these could be the guys healing us in a raid,or helping in pvp. So sod the rude people,and just try and crack on,their are good players out there who understand not everyone has played since day one. And to the people saying it's a waste of time killing trash etc,lets face it,most of our time is stood on fleet waiting for nothing in particular to happen until raid time.
must be sad for you, even if im hanging out on the i have fun with general chat. but most of the time is leveling alts and watching their storyline and i have 3imp toons and 5 republic toons so watching sm fp cs is usually a bored as i seen every choice a ton, but it maybe their first so im not bugged by it. when it comes to HM FP they should of watched pretty much all of them(illum FE aside). i have no problem with getting stuck once maybe twice. but doing all the mobs is a bit much and not really needed. if u don't know the fp say something before u get far into the fp.

oh @DSpectre it sounds like u are doing something wrong if u are getting kicked that much and i would kick u as u most likely are the drain on my healing and would actually help me heal the rest alot better and find a dps who could help out the group rather then being dead weight for everyone else.

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01.05.2013 , 02:07 AM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by Thorriin View Post
Nobody that's doing these HM FP's for black hole comms wants to be stuck with someone that wants to listen to the story or pull every boss when you can skip them.
YOU buddy(I don't call you sir because you clearly aren't worth the title) are utterly wrong with your assumptions There are quite many people around who actually like the voiced conversations and like to see how their character, in which's creation some people have spent quite much time, talks and interacts with the world, even though some of them just do the HM FPs for comms! I have a char who cannot get any gear upgrades from HM FPs but I still do 1-2 of them on daily basis and I'm more than okey to watch conversations, kill all bosses and most of the thrash too, even on Black Talon/Esseles. I also have many people on my friends-list who like the same, although I have even more people like YOU on my ignore-list...
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01.05.2013 , 04:50 AM | #63
same people complaining about not being allowed to watch cutscenes will be back here in a few weeks complaining new people aren't hitting space bar

it's a circle of life thing in swtor!

let me know how you feel about cutscenes after black talon #10893021930293021039210857

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01.05.2013 , 07:17 AM | #64
Except Esseles (and the Imperial variant) the requests for skipping cutscenes are exaggerated. that extra 1 minute loss is not big, the cutscenes are only a big factor in Esseles otherwise I would not pressure anyone nor would respond well to outside pressure about cutscene skipping.

Also it is absurd to expect people to do their utmost to help you, you gotta reap any help people are gonna give you it's not gonna come near your feet on a silver platter.
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01.05.2013 , 09:55 AM | #65
You know happens! You just need to learn from your mistakes and adjust your play style for HM content. Most HM content, people like to skip bosses. Why? Because they have probably run the SM version and HM version hundreds of times across countless toons.

Example: I have 16 toons across 2 servers. 4 level 50 toons. My highest geared toon is currently in almost full Campaign gear. My 2nd and 3rd highest level 50 toons in almost full Columi with Campaign/dread guard gear. How did I get that gear? Running the same dailies, FP's, and Ops across all of them. ALL. OF. THEM. For close to 13 months now.

My point? I now just want to rush through most FP's and get the content done. I hate slowing down for other people and hate even more when other people have to slow down for me. I know there are so many personalities in this game that when I play, I don't want to be a burden on people and don't want people to burden me down. It doesn't mean I won't help. If you ask to fight certain bosses for drops, I have no issue. If you ask to *need* on certain gear, no issue. If it's a HM FP and you are listening to every cut scene...I'm giving a few warnings and them I'm leaving. Not to be mean, but because It's boring just sitting there waiting on one other player to listen to cut scenes. I had someone do this on HM Esseles. I was tanking and I asked if we could skip cut scenes for such an already long FP. Healer and DPS agreed. Lowest geared dps however kept choosing to listen to cut scenes. After he died a bunch of times (hp was around 13k) and he kept not wanting to spacebar, I apologized to the group and advised them I was leaving. Healer did too and actually left before me lol.

Point is, and this is to anyone playing, not just slow have to be considerate of everyone you are playing with. Not everyone has the time to wait on slow people, or pull aggro from every mob, or fight every boss, or listen to every cut scene. Some of us are casual players who come on just to run a few dailies, FPs and Ops to keep our gear current. Some of us (like me) are on every day, 4-5 hours at a time but want to get through FPs and Ops quickly to get on one of our other 15 alts lol. No reason ever to be a douche to anyone but also no reason to not be considerate either.
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01.05.2013 , 10:24 AM | #66
Really? You pulled trash mobs and didn't skip cinematics in a HM? Now, kicking you might have been a bit over the top, but generally people have done these FPs over and over again and feel that you are wasting their time which is fair enough. It's common courtesy to skip trash and cutscenes in a HM. If you haven't done a FP and want to see the story then run it non-HM. If you do as I have suggested, people will suddenly seem a whole lot nicer.

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01.05.2013 , 11:14 AM | #67
Quote: Originally Posted by Zamppa View Post
So much whining from the people if someone actually wants to watch the cinematics BW used quite much effort to create or actually use their characters' abilities to defeat the enemies.

If you are there to avoid every possible enemy and jump over platforms, go and play Mario-games!
If you have done it once thats enough...spacebar thereafter. First time through I probably wouldnt have a problem but if the guy not spacebarring and not skipping is in rakata or higher gear and has done it before I'm gonna just vote kick from the group and find someone who isn't going to waste my time. I don't pay for other people to hold me up. When the queue pops its time to do work and do it fast and efficiently.

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01.05.2013 , 11:49 AM | #68
I wasn't actually going to reply but then I kept reading and reading and now I just HAVE to reply heh. Anyways most of the people have hit the nail on the head. The MAJORITY of players that run HM FP's have done them dozens if not hundreds of times. I myself am a casual gamer. I play when I have time, that said I have three 50's, two imp side and 1 pub side and am working on my 4th. Not asking for kudos just making a point that others have raised. Yes, manners go a longgggg way. Yes some of us (me included) pay for the game every month (Been subbed since early access and will stay that way). Yes I too get bored with watching cut-scenes and pulling EVERY mob to swipe down.

But here is the thing and this is the best damn advice I or anyone else can give you. If you want to watch and enjoy cut-scenes, pull mobs, beat every boss, do EVERYTHING in a flashpoint that most of us have done time and time again on SM, then do it. But do it with a group you get to know and knows enjoy that sort of play style. Don't bog down a PUG group with YOUR needs. PUG groups always go with majority votes. If you can't get along with that, then don't do a PUG group, find your own group and play only with them. I used to run with a solid group of about 8 people. We would pug the rest for ops and stuff, but when we did HM's? We all knew the deal and ran through em quickly because that is what WE wanted as a group.

I am not saying any of this to be a douche. I want you to enjoy your experiences as a player in this game. Hell it is what makes the community diverse and full of rational thought, feelings and expression of imagination. But if you MUST play a certain way, find like-minded people to do it with, you'll find your experience as a 50 that much more enjoyable.

Happy Hunting.
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01.05.2013 , 12:42 PM | #69
Quote: Originally Posted by Ansalem View Post
If you have done it once thats enough...spacebar thereafter. First time through I probably wouldnt have a problem but if the guy not spacebarring and not skipping is in rakata or higher gear and has done it before I'm gonna just vote kick from the group and find someone who isn't going to waste my time. I don't pay for other people to hold me up. When the queue pops its time to do work and do it fast and efficiently.
Cool story, bro! Why do you play the game if playing it properly and enjoying the content is "wasting your time"? Why wouldn't you just sign off if it's that horrible to spend few more extra minutes watching nice voice acting and killing a boss or two?

I don't pay for this game to smash my spacebar or hug walls and jump platforms like I did back in the early 90s with my NES and Mario-games. When the queue pops up it's time to enjoy the game, voiceover and use my char's abilities as much as possible! Some people have raged because I like watching convos and killing thrash tooto a certain point, some have vote kicked too...And I have reported those vote kickers after putting them onto my ignore-list.
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01.05.2013 , 01:21 PM | #70
- Story is for Story Mode (the name gives that away, there can be no confusion), If you wanna watch cut scenes do those (I enjoy the cutscenes in this game and watch them in Story Modes).
- Not knowing the fights, well should have done story mode but you may forget. Say so and most people will give you tips (I can summarise Lorrick fight in 4 lines).
- Not knowing how to skip, well just say so people will show you how.
- Pulling random trash - can be annoying but just say sorry and kill them, I have accidentally pulled random trash hundreds of times mostly through just not paying attention since I have done the FP so many times, just apologise, kill them and move on. If you do cause a wipe offer cash for repairs (most people won't take it).

Alternatively run FPs with friends or guldies, I find that even if we **** up and are on voice chat we just crack a joke at the derp's expense and keep going.

But PuGs are PuGs and this is the internet so do not expect anyone to be courteous to someone who is inconveniencing them.
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