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PvP: Why are Imps better than Pubs?

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PvP: Why are Imps better than Pubs?

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01.03.2013 , 05:07 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Solarenergy View Post
I find it hard to believe that Jedi Covenant has changed that much since I left it. Sorry if I don't take your word for it. I'll just wait till my gunslinger gets to level 50 and see for myself. It is widely known that the Republic completely dominates that server, and exactly the reason why I no longer play level 50 Imperial toons on there.
JC still blows as Imp. My 50 assassin has had the weekly all week and only has 4 wins and done around 35-40 WZs. But what I cant udnerstand is why do Imps always lose at 50 and yet my Pub alts cant get a win while leveling in 10-49.

Quote: Originally Posted by MidichIorian View Post
For PvE servers I'd say that it have to do with a lot of pubs rolling troopers, foremost commandos, and sages. Two classes that at the moment dont exactly shine in PvP.
Never understood why you would play the worst possible class in PvP. Im not a big FoTM reroller and have always played my Assassin and just rerolled a Pub and made it a Shadow. But to purposely play the gimpest classes possible is just trolling your team and you should be able to report them for griefing. And the thing is even though there are tons of Commandos and Sages all of them flat out refuse to heal you. If you are going to grief us and purposely make us lose dont even queue just kill your dragons and stay out of WZs.

**OK just did 4 WZs on my Imp. We are still absolutely horrible.

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01.04.2013 , 07:02 PM | #52
I have a higher chance of losing as an imp on JC so i don't now what OP is talking about and it seems to be centered around the Pubs huge amount of damn stuns and slows at an early level