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What would be better at DPS?

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What would be better at DPS?

ProdigyVenom's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 12:35 AM | #1
Looking to role a si, just need to know what would class would be better at dps sith sorc or assassin for Pve and Pvp, thanks

Thanks for the response the 35 people who have looked at this thread.

Darkchip's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 06:48 AM | #2
Well that will depend on your playstyle and what you are good at and also your patance.

Sorcs DPS is pritty high if done right and can be pritty easy but if you want to be full on DPS massive damage then you will need to learn both lightning and madness and see which one you like since both have massively differing playstyles, lightning will have you as a turret and sitting while you blast our big hits while madness focus's more on your dots, procs and mobility for me i like madness more since i've played a lot of MMO's as a guy that uses DOTS.

For assassins they will take longer to get going and you will need patance if you want to be truely dangerous as one. There 2 specs are deception and madness, i'l just get madness outta the way now it pritty much plays the same as on the sorc but there are some big differances like you don't get the range of a sorc so you will need to be closer for it to be truely effective and the procs are for melee combat instead of range. Deception is your backstabing Spec or as some call it the PvP spec i just say it's your sig spec and can do just as much if not more then madness but one again madness has more mobility so it will come down to playstyles.

True be told both of them are just about the same when it comes to damage but the Assassins do seem to be doing a lot more damage at the moment but thats because they have some truely MASSIVE burst which is amazing but i still like the sorc for the range and the bubble shield you get but saddly u don't get the servivablilty of the assassin's defenceive cooldowns so really both are great but both have there downsides i would say what it really would comedown to is do you want to be range or melee since both have about the same amount of DPS but the only thing is that if you pick assassin just be prepaired for a pritty slow start since you don't get any really good abilitys until around 25-35 also since you have khem as your first companion you will be pritty slow in killing stuff at the start.

verfallen's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 01:23 PM | #3
I personnaly prefer sorc DPS for PvE.

Works for PvP regular warzone, so long as I'm not vs a premade, since avoiding focus fire is a must to do some damage.

But for PvE I love the sorc. I've been pleasantly surprised at it multiple times, and the AoE is awesome for thrash cleaning. If its an add swarm, so long as it is not strong, a single sorc can clear them out.

Assassin, as pointed out is a lot more bursty. Maul does a crapload of damage in deception.