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Group finder and partially completed operations

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Group finder and partially completed operations

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01.02.2013 , 03:42 AM | #1
Yesterday I was in Eternity Vault through group finder. The group as a whole was a bit lacking in skill, and throughout the operation tensions were rising as we wiped once on each of the first two bosses and had trouble getting people to the right mobs in the council. After three wipes at Soa, the group finally dissipated. Since we did not complete the operation, there was no daily reward from the group finder.

So, now I have lockouts for the first four bosses of EV. I can still select it in the group finder, and in fact must select it if I want the daily reward. I wouldn't mind going through the entire operation even if I can only get loot from Soa. However, from what I've understood, the entire group would then be put directly to Soa, which might be an unwelcome surprise..

Is it bad form to join the group finder queue with partial lockouts? Am I compelled to sit on the fleet for hours trying to get a group that wants to kill only Soa, or forfeit my chance at the 20 BH comms and 60 Columi comms available from group finder rewards?

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01.02.2013 , 04:07 AM | #2
I believe most people use the group finder to get the black hole comms.
So if they notice it's just the last boss, that is a warm welcome.

For the others that want a full run, they can see I believe when the group finder pops up that only the last boss is available.

if they don't like that they can just decline it.

What I sometimes do is to keep an eye out for who accepted(screenshot) before someone declined and try to whisper them to form a group and try the group finder again or to search the remainder on the fleet.

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01.02.2013 , 05:23 AM | #3
Write at fleet that you are looking for ppl for last boss only and start inviting them, last boss takes like 5 minutes and that gives 10bh come, people wil love you

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01.02.2013 , 07:21 AM | #4
From my earlier experience any half-completed SM ops bug in group finder. You cannot find anyone to complete them even if they have selected the option to accept in-progress groups. It always bugs when you try to manually form the group to go to EV too, resulting in a frustrating experience. Did they fix the bugs that cause half-completed SM ops to be uncompletable for the rest of the week.
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01.02.2013 , 07:30 AM | #5
Here is the deal, if campaign/dreadguard players can find a dude that is locked on the first four bosses, they will love him, happened today when I found this dude that was locked on first four in KP and needed last. He had p ****** gear and I guess he needed both the loot and commendations so I yelled at a few friends and guildes and asked if they wanted some free coms. And about 4-5 minutes later I had a full ops group with one tank, one healer and rest DPS (including the poorly geared random dude), we made him ops leader, instructed him in how to que and went inside, killed the boss, he got all the loot and everyone else got the coms.

Not often it happened but when it does, it is p sweet, everyone loves to just get those coms, I mean, it's 10 and you need 350 for those Hazmat implants. So just spam fleet that you are locked on everything apart from last boss and people will treat you as a god =)

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01.02.2013 , 07:47 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by RikuvonDrake View Post
instructed him in how to que
So it's necessary to enter the group finder even if you already have a full group assembled through other means? I guess it's just a matter of clicking the appropriate button, with no waiting needed?

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01.02.2013 , 08:57 AM | #7
For the comms...yes it is and you will have trouble finding people without the carrot (the comms)

If you have a full team going in, there is no wait.

RikuvonDrake's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 10:30 AM | #8
Yes, I had enough friends and guilides to form an entire ops so we could just que up and enter instantly, makes it a lot easier since you know you get good people and a fast run, normally three man can carry any group but it goes a lot faster if you have ppl that knows what to do.

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01.02.2013 , 10:51 AM | #9
Yea people will have to walk to the instance after queueing, but geared players will love the chance for quick comms. Advertise it on fleet, and you should have luck.
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01.02.2013 , 12:25 PM | #10
A word of advice to anyone else trying this: there are several things that must happen in exactly the right order if this is to work. After an hour of unsuccessful attempts, I've discovered the following:
- You can't enter group finder queue if you have conflicting phases.
- Resetting phases has a timeout, which is not shown anywhere but seems to be 10-15 minutes.

I also strongly suspect the following:
- The person furthest into the operation must be leader of the ops group
- That same person must also enter the instance first

End result: an hour of everyone's time wasted for exactly zero gain, and social trauma for me (I'm already hesitant to lead anything because something always goes wrong). The BH comms are not worth this. I just hope I didn't make it to anyone's ignore list.

The root cause for the hassle was the phase reset timeout. With the amount of trial and error going on, I just couldn't do enough resets before people got bored and left. Curse you Bioware for making this so difficult.