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<Imperial Oppressionism> Recruiting, Attempting To Bring Back Dead Guild

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<Imperial Oppressionism> Recruiting, Attempting To Bring Back Dead Guild

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12.30.2012 , 05:24 PM | #1
Imperial Oppressionism
Imperial Oppressionism is a guild that was once on the Fatman server, but after the server merges, almost all of the guild became inactive and only a few members still play. I am now the guildmaster of the guild and I aim to bring more members to this dead guild. Imperial Oppressionism was a leveling guild, but I want to turn it into a multi-purpose guild, i.e. leveling, 50s pvp, etc. Unfortunately, when I said only a few members still play, I mean that I've only seen about 4-5 people still active, none of them at level 50. If you would like to join, please send me a message on Prophecy of the Five. My main character right now is Stagenn, though messages to Raythirs are also accepted. The first 5 members to join will get the "General" rank, the highest rank I can promote anyone to.

Imperial Oppressionism is an Imperial Guild. There may or may not be a Republic "sister" guild, depending on how many people join.

No cursing at other members, cursing is acceptable when using it casually or expressing any complaints such as if a boss is too hard, but is not if it is used in an offensive manner.
Try to be as active as possible, one of the main reasons I made this thread is to bring active people to this guild. If you remain inactive for more than one-and-a-half months, you will be removed.
Respect all members of the guild. If someone is being disrespectful to others, or is refusing to cooperate in anyway, send a message to me or any Generals that are on. Also, if someone doesn't agree with you on something, please be tolerant of their opinion.

All Classes Are Welcome

Current High-Ranking Guild Members
Stagenn & Rayhtirs (Me)
First Member to Join
Second Member to Join
Third Member to Join
Fourth Member to Join
Fifth Member to Join

Hope to see people join, please help this guild rise from the ashes, like a phoenix
Stagenn - Sith Sorcerer lvl 50 - The Harbinger
Stagenn - Sith Marauder lvl 50 - Pot5
Raythirs - Sith Assassin - lvl 50 - Pot5