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The Bastion PvP Republic vs Empire Discussion

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The Bastion PvP Republic vs Empire Discussion

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12.28.2012 , 03:41 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Dabrixmgp View Post
I have been looking for a server to reroll Pub to. I only queue solo and refuse to join premades. I had horrible experiences dealing with premades when playing WoW but never done them here. Im decent a PvPer but not great. I know the obvious stuff like kill healers and CC while focusing targets down. I know objectives and always try to go for those unless my team is dumb and we are getting curbed stomped with no chance at winning. Then I just go join the mass of players and at least get some fun out of it rather than raging at everyone. But in the few premades I did in WoW vent sounded like this "Just quit WoW" or "You fail at life go off yourself" So that pretty much made me a solo player. I dont have time to deal with idiots like that. Its only a game and Im pretty sure games were meant to be played for fun.

So its good to see solo players of both sides at least have success here. My last server it was Imps that were bad and we only won games against other Imp teams. No matter what time of day you logged in I think there was just one massive Pub PvP guild that had so many members they could just throw premades at you all day long ensuring you never won. There were weeks I never finished my weekly and thats playing 3-4 hours a night. So hoping its at least bearable for solo Pubs here.

Oh forgot to add. For leveling up is anything different? And how are the queue times for both 50 and sub 50?
Queue times are very quick for both 50s and pre 50s at all times.

In pre-50s i feel like I win over 90% of the time on Empire, and thats including solo queing. But pre-50s are another story.

Still, i dont get this bias against premades. Its a lot more fun do warzones with friends or even just good people you meet in warzones and group with. For regular warzones you dont even need voice, its not too hard to find a good 3 or 4 person group for regular warzones.

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12.30.2012 , 07:26 AM | #52
I eat pubs for breakfast.

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01.01.2013 , 01:06 PM | #53
I just returned about a week ago after leaving 10 months back. I used to play Empire on Dark reaper before it merged. Used to win about 60-70% of the time just solo queuing. I decided to level a shadow though this time on republic side and thought I'd record my wins / losses from level 10 - 49 in pvp.

I had 50 wins and 38 losses solo queuing only. I just hit 50 last night and played about 12 games winning 65% of them as a solo queue. Granted now I'm up against more geared/skilled players so I'll prob lose more often for awhile til I gear up. Seems republic wins a little more often. I did a few matches on my Sith Sorc and lost about 70% of them solo queuing.