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Vanguard Tank PvP

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12.28.2012 , 02:36 PM | #21
Vanguard/Powertech Tanks are the worst in pvp at the moment simply because we lack utility and we have one good cooldown. All of these hybrid specs you guys are talking about work fine in normals but if you're talking from a Ranked Warzone standpoint then there is 0 reason to bring a Vanguard tank over a Guardian or a Shadow.

Only thing Vanguards have over the other tanks are the ability to to safely protect a node from 30 meters out. I am hoping they plan to change this but since they decided to turn this into a Jedi Knight favoring game last patch, I won't hold my breath.
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12.29.2012 , 07:04 PM | #22
considering the fact that i beat both guardians and shadows in a one vs one scenario, vanguard is the perfect class to rambo assault the weak node of the enemy while your team feint attacks the strong node...

Fact is vanguards have the most burst out of the three tank classes.