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DPS Looking to do Higher end Raids

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12.28.2012 , 10:04 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by wetslampigduex View Post
Wrong, rakata and black hole have the exact same mods, armorings, and enhancements just a higher stat budget.

I do agree that the BiS mods ect. might not come in the piece you bought, but for each class there is only really ever 1 piece that has bis stuff in them.

The part i made bold, thats called min maxing. If your not doing it, your only hurting yourself and your raid cause you cant carry your weight...
You are partially right if talking about specific mods. Like a deft or aptitude mod you are completely right. The problem with black hole gear is that it comes naturally with the endurance heavy mods and armorings. For a sentinel many black hole pieces come with guardian armorings instead of might ones. Most rakata and I believe all campaign comes with the correct armorings and mods now as a whole set you may get to much of one thing and not enough of another but that is really up to each player to figure out an optimize their own gear. All I was trying to point out is for each class there are a few black hole pieces that have more of the better mods and enhancements for min maxing than others do. And sometimes you need to buy 3 pairs of boots to min max yourself appropriately. You seem like a smart guy who knows his stuff but the original comment was meant to guide the OP to look at his gear and start min maxing it.

Back to the OP, it would be really nice if you stated your server. If your on mine I would be glad to drag you through an op or two. If you are skilled enough and good at taking instructions during the harder ops (both of these things are way more important than gear) I would be glad to invite you to our private pugging channel. It is mostly used by unguilded guys who want to do ops but don't want to join a progression guild.

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12.28.2012 , 10:56 AM | #12
Black Hole and Campaign is better than rakata, but just like rakata you have to optimize the mods and enhancements to get the full potential out of your role.

Where black hole stinks is that it does not have the set bonuses, this is solved by putting the black hole armor, enhancement and mods in the rakata shells or buying campaign armoring.

JediCarve you can take this with a grain of salt, my sentinel is only 2 weeks 50. However, she is already geared for HM TfB (even though I doubt I will ever see it on her since my main is a healer). First thing, you have done a great thing by getting fully augmented. I see way to many people just want to be pulled through Ops for gear. Augments show me that you are serious about wanting to be a asset to the group. Still you need to replace them with strength augments instead of power. Strength is your mainstat and will give you the greatest bang for the augment. Next replace the guardian armor, your toon is way too endurance heavy.

What you want to do is stack strength as high as possible, then get Accuracy 285 to 300, Surge 285 to 300 and Crit around 300 (difficult one since most of your gear is going to be crit heavy), then stack power as high as possible without scarifying strength. Personally I am doing this by getting rid of the power crystals for Crit one (to me that makes it easier to balance the other stats).

You did a good thing putting your information on Mr. Robot, it gives people a chance to help you gear properly. You have to take criticism with a grain of salt, there is nothing wrong with your gear, but there are serious ways to improve it so that you can achieve your full potential. People will progress at different speeds due to time limitation to play and what drops. I hope you will understand and reconsider putting your information back on Mr. Robot. Trust me, your gear was not that bad, I have seen Guardians with Aim and Cunning gear. I donít have my Sentinel on Mr. Robot yet, like I wrote only been 50 for 2 weeks and gear is changing daily. However, if you want you can poke fun at my Sawbones (this is slightly out of date, but pretty close).

A good group could pull your current gear though SM TfB easily, but you have some work to do to be ready for HM TfB or NiM EC. Join a guild, easiest way to see that content and fastest way to get geared properly. Trust me, a good guild will improve you as a player and help you understand the game mechanics as well as your class better.

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12.28.2012 , 11:52 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by JediCarve View Post
My character name is Jedicarve (I am a sentinel) and I am looking for groups/guilds that are doing higher end raids. I am looking to do EC HM, EC NiM, TFB SM, and TFB HM. Here is my current gear and I will update it as I get better gear or change the mods that I have in them at the time. Please Friend me in game and I look forward to working with everyone. As a side note I do know all the fights.
Hey Jedicarve, glad to see you want to improve your gear and raid more! As a raiding sentinel, hopefully I can give you a few pointers that may help you to improve your present gear to make you more desirable for a raid leader to take you on.

For starters, like others have mentioned, your gear is not terrible. Much of the BH gear is endurance heavy and unless you have a full rakata set already in the bank it ends up being difficult to gear up properly since BH coms are easy to get if you simply run heroics every day. That being said, here are a few guidelines to follow when purchasing gear or switching out mods.

-Augment for strength vs. power. Strength provides for more consistent damage and will also give you a slight crit bonus. This should allow you to swap out mods/enhancements that are crit heavy for power.
-Mods/enhancements = power. Always go for power mods. Crit is a lousy stat for sentinels as diminishing returns does not favor stacking it. The only time this switches is the more power you have the more crit becomes important. As a rule though, power is first over crit.
-Switch out your relics. I'm seeing a tanking relic and the matrix cube in your mr.robot profile. Grab the war hero relic (nice power boost) and try to get the elemental or energy dread guard relic (see this thread for details on the proc relics...
-Guild up. If you can find a decent guild that will take you on you may be surprised how willing they are to help gear up new recruits.

But the most important thing is (I can't stress this enough) KNOW EVERY FIGHT LIKE THE BACK OF YOUR HAND! This is 1000x more important than the gear you bring to a raid and will be the most attractive feature you can tell the raid leader before a potential invite. If you haven't done the fights on HM or NiM get thee hence to youtube and do some filmwork.

Here is my present profile on Mr.Robot, criticize as necessary.
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12.28.2012 , 12:47 PM | #14
Black hole gear for sentinels is actually depressingly well-itemized. Make sure you're looking at the medium AND heavy armor sets, as the innards will pull out of either just fine. There is a good one for each slot for knights/warriors. Was super easy to get BH stuff on my guardian compared to what is available for Bounty hunter or inquisitor.
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12.29.2012 , 05:59 AM | #15
If you happen to be on the Jedi Covenant server, add Norriss and Lock to friends. If you talk to Lock, tell him Norriss sent you (I'll get a cookie for it =D). Either of us will be more than happy to discuss gearing, and we're always looking for well adjusted people that want to do tier 2 HM Ops.

We're fairly relaxed about completely min/maxing gear, but we will (politely) offer suggestions if we notice something is way out of line. If you're a player who is interested in really getting the most out of your class though, we're more than happy to help with that. As your gear stands right now, i see no issue with you joining us for HM EC, as long as you know the fights or are willing and able to learn them. HM TFB on the other hand, is still progression for us, as we're really more of a casual Ops guild, so if you're looking for free Dread Guard runs, we may not be the guild you're looking for. If you're willing to learn with us through our progression however, there may be a spot for a new guy on some nights =D.

(Writing up a big recruiting thing wasn't my intention when I started, but I might just keep some of this :P)

One more thing. A recommended watchman spec.

The spec is open to a little personalization, but that's what I use.

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12.29.2012 , 07:10 AM | #16
Didn't read every comment on this, so excuse me if already mentioned, but why on earth are you using a Defense clicky relic?
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12.29.2012 , 09:03 AM | #17
God, just send him to the correct server forum and show him the guild recruitment section.

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