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Alot of lag for high speed?

Claudestryfe's Avatar

12.28.2012 , 04:58 PM | #1
I just came back to Star wars from a 6 month break or so, and when I log on I happen to notice a lot of lag. Now the only changes that were made to my internet while I was away were to improve it's performance. (I went up 3 Kb a second.) My latency is always has 4 bars and I'm hitting about 53 to 83ms. My main question is did something happen while I was away to make such an impact or is there a way to increase the performance? (Other than lowering my graphics like an auto Fps or something) This is only a minor problem but I have noticed that my Sith Jugg. will sometimes lag in the middle of his saber throw. I'm sure in pvp it would be much worse. Is there anything I can do?