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Heroic Space Missions Always The Same?

JayNo's Avatar

12.28.2012 , 05:29 AM | #1
Okay, Has anybody else noticed the New Heroic Space missions Keep Repeating the same 3 over and over again?
I believe the names are Baron Assault, Thanium Dispruption, And Regent Station Assault. Or very close to thes names. Either Way, what about the other ones!!!
I played the whole list once so I could run them again for BH Comms, and have never played half of them again. The New Covert Ice Field for one, the new Escort Mission for another. I figuered since it obviously wasn't giving me the whole list again to replay, that it would AT LEAST pick a random set of 3. But I have re-done them 4 times now and its always the same 3.

So, whats up with that?

Has Anyone else noticed this?

Never Mind, I just read a post that they know and are tring to fix. Hopefully it works out better.

ZeridanShear's Avatar

12.28.2012 , 10:44 AM | #2
It's a known bug. Only 3 of the 7 missions are currently showing up. According to the Devs, we're supposed to expect a fix after the 1st of the year.