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Humans & Sith in the "Empire"

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12.27.2012 , 05:55 PM | #1
So, hasn't it bothered anyone else that genetically there are things in this game that don't make sense? I love the game and play it all the time(so you guys know this isn't a trolling rant), but this is one thing I just don't understand....

So, the Great Hyperspace War 5000 BBY. We see endless armies of Sith soldiers, all red skin showing high levels of "pureblood" and other features considered to be "Sith genetic features". This includes the red skin, face tentacles, long chin bone, the "chimp-like face/nose", extended eye brows and 4 digit hands, not to mention all the other "Massassi" traits for that sub species of the Sith. Below is a picture of a Sith Army unit in 5000 BBY....

Now, I could send you any number of links to pictures from stories and comic books, they all show the same thing. The only "Sith" who show human, or non-sith features are the Dark Jedi, and Sith Lords them selves. By and large, the outstanding bulk of the population (from what we can see in 5000 BBY) is near completely Sith. I would say that nearly 95% of the Sith species is completely sith (meaning - they are genetically 100%, or pretty near close to 100%) much in the same way every human on earth shows "100%" human traits today.

Now this being said, even if we turn to the pictures of the time created by Bioware, we can draw the same conclusion that everyone here shows extremely high levels of Sith trairts, and very little to no evidence of any Human or other alien blood mixed in with the species.

I hope that everyone is in agreement with me so far that in 5000 BBY, sith looked like SITH, and not like humans. I under stand that large numbers of the force sensitive's in the Empire had human blood in theme, however not a single one of them looked "human".... with Naga Sadow being the most human looking of all the Sith lords. As we have been told, there were SMALL numbers of "humans" living in the Empire, but they represented but a tiny fraction of the population, and they were many centered on conquered worlds on the fringe of the Empire. The only "Humans" making anything of themselves in the Empire were the force sensitive ones. (If you look into stories such as The Lost Tribe of the Sith, you will see that large numbers of humans and sith served together, however this is the only time this has been reported, nor does this make sense for the time).

Now what's my beef with all this? My issue is, the game clearly states, that 98% of the Sith Empire as seen in SW:TOR at 3650 BBY, is of Sith descent. Fine, but I think about 98% of all the people we see in the game who are of the Empire (not players, I am talking about NCP's here) are fully human, showing no Sith traits to speak of. In addition to the low number of "Sith Purebloods" in the Empire, most all of these "pure bloods" are extreme hybrids, many of which looking even more human then Naga Sadow. So the concept of calling them "stih" is almost a joke, they are much more like Humans with slight traces of Sith blood in them.

Below is the damning piece of evidence showing that 97-98% of the Empire is of SITH origin.

Now that this all has been well established as truth, I must ask you, why is the holy empire made up of humans? When Lord Vitiate's fled from his planet of Medriaas following the great Hyperspace war, nearly everyone he took with him was Sith. I don't understand why the creators of this game same to think the native population of Medriaas would have had large number of humans on it. True, human traits were considered to belong to the upper class and to the sith lords, however the native population and its armed forces would have been overwhelming made of Sith containing no Human DNA at all. Even if he took "10,000 slaves with him" (I read that somewhere) the humans would for sure had not been the slaves.... so the only people that could have fled with Lord Vitiate when they left Medriaas for the unknown regions would have been Sith, not human.

Even if some humans were taken along for the ride, even in 2000 years, they would not have completely washed out the sith traits, because more then 95% of everyone in the new Sith Empire would have been made up 100% of sith DNA, and yes, Sith do not really look like Humans... so what I am asking is this -

Why is this game's Sith Empire made up mostly of humans. Genetically this is impossible in the way its presented, even if Human traits are dominate to Sith traits. (Don't make start drawing out the trait boxes, for those who you who did that in biology class, ill do it! - lol). The large bulk of the "humans" would actually look like the Sith "purebloods" in the game. And the sith "Purebloods" would look much more like this -

yes that's a Massassi on the right in the first picture, but no sith "pure blood" should look any less sith then Naga Sadow in the second one... (by sith standards, in the second picture, Naga Sadow is made up mostly of Human DNA....)

Any ones thoughts on this? Where did all these humans come from? Why do all the subjects of the empire look human? Why are the sith pure bloods anything but sith pure blood? Logic would tell you that no less then 75% of the empire should be showing red skin, or some other kind of sith trait - not just being human!

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12.28.2012 , 03:13 AM | #2
Dude, its a game. People wouldn't enjoy it if every single NPC the empire encountered were pureblood. It wouldn't make sense either. Don't forget the NPC's we see are but a mere fraction of the sith empire. A lot of the NPC's are also recruited from conquered planets.
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12.28.2012 , 03:55 AM | #3
also during the great hyperspace war the Jedi hunted down and killed most of the pure blooded sith,
and bioware said in revan that now being a forceless sith is the worse thing to be

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12.28.2012 , 05:56 AM | #4
In the Revan Novel, Scourge said, that 5 of 12 Dark council members were human. That was 300 years before the treaty of coruscant.
On the Korriban Academy in the game, there is this pureblood Sith Lord, who complains about how little Sith blood there is in the Overseers of the Academy.

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12.30.2012 , 12:31 AM | #5
I see lol, I don't know why this bugs me.... I think of this empire as the continuation of the old sith empire, but perhaps its simply a new empire built from the ashes of an old one...

I just don't get where all the humans came from then (pre hyperspace war)

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