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Overkill or Reflex augments

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12.25.2012 , 05:59 PM | #1
I'm currently in the process of fine tuning my Rakata/BH mix with augments, and as such I'd like some input as to which would be more beneficial. I am Bodyguard spec, and my current stats are as follows (fully buffed);

Bonus Healing - 623.2
Crit Chance - 37.57%
Crit Multiplier - 74.92%
Activation Speed - 11.01%

I have already added augments to the majority of my gear. Looking at the above, I'm over the 35% buffed crit chance necessary for a mercenary healer, and at roughly 75% multiplier. I'm thinking I'd be better going for Overkill augments to gain as much bonus healing as possible, since I'm already above the necessary crit chance. Just looking for some advice as to whether I'm right or wrong really.

Thanks in advance
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12.25.2012 , 10:08 PM | #2
Aim > Everything else.

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12.26.2012 , 09:15 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Holinyx View Post
Aim > Everything else.

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12.27.2012 , 02:52 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Holinyx View Post
Aim > Everything else.

Well, not always, but at least until our gear budget allows main stat to crack ~9k.

There will come a point where the DR on crit rate from main stat is so severe that Power ekes ahead by a tiny margin, but that point is not anywhere in the foreseeable future.
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