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Is Battlemaster good enough to do HM Flashpoints?

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Is Battlemaster good enough to do HM Flashpoints?

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12.22.2012 , 10:56 PM | #31
It is not ideal, but you can tank HMs in the recruit gear, especially the new mk2 stuff. HMs are not serious business. Now I wouldn't go for LI in less than columi+, but the rest you would be fine with BM gear. But to be honest, now that they give you a free set of tionese gear just for hitting 50, you should really be using that over BM.
Unsubscribed due to no new Operations.
I am happy that there will be a renewed focus on story, I love story, its why I picked this MMO. But I picked an MMO, not an episodic single player RPG that I have to pay a subscription to receive the episodes.

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12.23.2012 , 11:47 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyinSpaghetti View Post
The problem is with the current system you are better off playing PVP and gearing up that way than actually starting afresh and earning basic endgame PvE gear, it doesn't encourage the player to go with the full PvE gearing route and tries to coax them into PvP one way or another. Even if it's just for relics, the PvP relics were up to a point (and still are in some cases) best in slot which pretty much forces people to play some PvP even if it's not their thing just in order to have the best possible gear for that slot the game has to offer.
This I can completely understand. Having to grind for the PvP relics for PvE was quite annoying. The good thing is the Dread Guard PvE relics are definitively BiS for dpses. I'm not sure about healers and tanks.

Quote: Originally Posted by FlyinSpaghetti View Post
PvP should be irrelevant to PvE like it is the opposite way, I can't just jump into a warzone in full BH or dreadguard so why should PvPers be able to jump into operations with war hero whether they know tactics or not. I'm not moaning about on whether PvPers have lack of experience all I'm saying is someone with PvP gear shouldn't have the best of both worlds.
Actually, you can. Your BH/Dread Guard gear is a leg up to getting your War Hero gear. There are people that think otherwise, but it is definitely the case. Both theorycrafted on how Expertise works and by actual testing in warzones.

In PvP, Recruit Gear is better than Columi, is on a par with Rakata, is worse than BH/Campaign and is much worse than Dread Guard gear. So there is a parity there going the other direction.

Quote: Originally Posted by FlyinSpaghetti View Post
It's PvP gear.. it belongs in PVP and should just be used for PvP despite how good the player is.
Hey, I do get what your saying, but don't you think there would be more players running around in HM FPs and Ops in PvP gear? I just don't see it that often.