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Suggestions to make the Arsenel Merc/Commando relevant again?

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Suggestions to make the Arsenel Merc/Commando relevant again?

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12.23.2012 , 07:48 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by ArchangelLBC View Post
Admittedly quite a few of us would prefer to use gunnery for whatever reason
Sure, the Gunnery tree has a number of desirable PVP focused talents, which you mention: The better knockback, the (mostly useless) root on Stockstrike, and the snare on Full Auto. Another reason might be because at least in my opinion, managing heat/ammo is much easier as Gunnery than as Assault, and if nothing else, it's a different playstyle which some people prefer.
Personally I prefer Gunnery for PVE and Assault for PVP, partly because in PVP I don't like being so dependent on one single casted ability both for the important buff, debuff, and overall DPS. Assault being less focused on any one ability is also why I think it has less problems in PVP than Gunnery.

What we both agree on is that currently the effectiveness of melee shutting down a Commando is too high, however it seems as though the main difference in our opinions is that you (and many others who discuss Commando changes) are focusing the entire balance changes on buffs to Commando, while I would prefer to see a smaller buff to Commando, at the same time as a small nerf to some melee classes' anti-ranged effectiveness. (which would also at the same time fix many of the issues which Sorcerers have)

For balance in terms of a 1vs1 situation I don't think it matters much which route you take, but in my opinion if ranged simply can keep themselves constantly close to their potential maximum damage, then that quickly becomes overpowered in a team situation because of the advantages which ranged has over melee.

One simple example is in having two players attacking one enemy player, for example a healer. If the attackers are melee, one Operative Flash Bang or Vanguard Neural Surge is enough to give the player some breathing room, one AOE taunt or damage ability will hit both attackers, and so on.
Because ranged do not have some of the disadvantages which melee has in a situation like this, there needs to be other disadvantages to being ranged in a team situation, and in my opinion the best solution is indeed having ranged classes become immediately noticeably less effective when being focused on, in particularly by melee. However I'll reiterate that currently, the amount which a Commando loses is not in line with how easy it is and how little melee classes lose while shutting down a Commando.

Quote: Originally Posted by ArchangelLBC View Post
How exactly underpowered do you think it is? I think it has an extremely steep learning curve at 50 if you want to be viable in normals without just having an absolutely stellar team or facing an absolutely bad one. In ranked, if you're foolish enough to go in as a 50 Commando then the other team should make you almost their first target because of the disparity between the damage when allowed to free cast and the damage when under pressure in any spec.
I think that the learning curve is steeper than what it is for some classes (Vanguard), but similar to some other classes (Operative). However regardless of exactly how much underpowered Commando is, I think that because of how obvious it is that Commando is underpowered and because of how obvious the way to counter them is, it causes the problem to seem bigger than what it actually is.
I say this both from a psychological sense where things which are obvious often seem bigger and more important than what they actually are, as well as from how it plays out in game, where it makes sense to keep hunting the easiest prey with the lowest risk.
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