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what fav heeling class

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what fav heeling class

jackmosher's Avatar

12.15.2012 , 09:22 PM | #1
what is your fave class for heeling jedi sage scoundrol sith scorer or imp agent and tell me why

CaptainApop's Avatar

12.15.2012 , 09:40 PM | #2
I don't like heeling =[
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Riggz's Avatar

12.17.2012 , 10:50 AM | #3
Anything but a merc
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mikebevo's Avatar

12.17.2012 , 11:27 AM | #4
I have two healer, Smuggler Sawbones and Agent Medicine, my sawbones is my main and first toon, so she is my favorite. Still both class are the same, so they are equal.

All the healer are fine for any content in PvE. When I am on dps I don't care who is healing. Combat Medic are perfectly fine. When I am healer, I still don't care. However, in certain fights I do think a Sage and Scoundrel complement each others abilities and makes the fight easier to heal, but 2 Medics, 2 Scoundrels or 2 Sages can get the job done just as well.

NoFishing's Avatar

12.17.2012 , 02:23 PM | #5
I would say sage/sorc or scoundrel/operative. Mercs and commandos are ok, and can heal all content, but they don't really bring anything that scoundrels/operatives can't do just as well. And the other classes bring utility that mercs/mandos don't match, like force speed, friendly pulls, stealth, and out-of-combat CC.

If you want to heal in PvP, operative/scoundrel is the way to go. Stunning bubble sages are currently welcome, but once that gets nerfed, sages will probably be back to being a waste of space. Still better than commandos, but far too squishy and stationary. Plus stealth has such a natural advantage in PvP it isn't even funny.

WannaSpoon's Avatar

12.20.2012 , 04:41 PM | #6
I like my Merc but I'ma big Fett fan