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LF HM op group

To-le's Avatar

12.18.2012 , 05:59 PM | #1
My guild has not been doing the end game ops recently and I am looking for a group needing a sage healer. I have full BH gear all augmented. I normally play nights after 8 central and I am free anytime on Sat's.

Also if there is a ranked pvp team needing a healer I would group up. I have full auged WH and working on Elite WH as we speak.

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12.19.2012 , 12:14 PM | #2

we're 5/5 TFB HM and 1/4 EC NMM, likely at least 3/4 by tomorrow since we got SC/FB to dead and <1% respectively on our last attempts.

We raid tues-weds + thursday during progression from 8pm - 11pm CST.

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12.19.2012 , 09:45 PM | #3
Info sent

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12.20.2012 , 09:09 AM | #4
My info sent as well!
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