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The servers needs to remember the disconneters!!!

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The servers needs to remember the disconneters!!!

Nazutron's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 12:43 PM | #1
I am playing on the worst server(Tomb of Freedon Nadd) with the biggest queue time. Yes about 2000 in queue and it says 2 hours wait = 4-5 hours to get in. You know what the worst part is, waiting 4-5 hours to get in and dc in a pvp battle and have to requeue again for 5 hours..... is this a joke ?

I remember the game Aion had queue issues and they fixed it, so when ever someone disconnect's the server will remember the account/computer and give the account/computer instant access for like 10-15 minutes. How about dooing the same ? or els people would get sick of this and in worst case stop playing. If you cant fix the queues, atleast fixed it so the server can remember the account/computer for 10 min.