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Stories of the good players

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12.13.2012 , 05:06 PM | #1
We often focus so much on the poor players and bad situations that when somebody goes out of their way to make things work or survives and succeeds against impossible odds or says or does something epic, we fail to acknowledge the achievement anywhere near as much as we should.

The situation:
Tank: geared Campaign and rakata 50/50
DPS 1: Full campaign guild Sorc
DPS 2: Full Dread Guard guild Sniper

Guild healer had to leave due to wife aggro just after everbody's favorite wipefest robot. We decided to take a chance at finding a healer on the group finder.

After about a 20 minute wait in queue and just as we're talking about calling it, we get a hit on a healer. 16K health, first time in there, you know the horror story. About as apparently undergeared as he could get. level 34 green implant and in quest oranges with level 47 mods in them. /facepalm

Because this was late at night we decided to take a chance on him with the monkey boss on the caveat that if we wiped, we'd have to drop him to find somebody more "properly" geared with more experience.

Explained the fight, told him the healer tricks I use on my sorc when healing LI and let it rip.
Fight starts happening, Boss jumps to the pipe, healer is keeping up just fine even with his crappy gear, healing his heart out and doing everything he could perfectly. One of our overgeared, experienced DPS falls off the platform and dies. DOH.

Healer stands by his word and starts to drop group thinking he was the cause of the wipe and taking the initiative and responsibility for doing what was best for the group overall. We all jumped on that and reminded him that we'd only want him to step aside if it was his fault. As it wasn't, he was still good to run with us if he wanted to stay. He agreed to stick around and see just how far we could get.

You know, we got back in with no fuss whatsoever, got set up and proceded to single shot that monkey and Lorrick without breaking a sweat or even coming close to dying.

While I'm aware that multiple factors contributed to the overall success of the group including 3/4 massively overgeared for the area, people like that poorly geared but epic healer are exactly what we want on my guild's ops teams. We got to talking about his gear and found that because he was so poorly geared, most people wouldn't run with him or even give him a chance. He was an old WoW 25 man endgame raid healer back in the day and he'd just gotten back into ToR after a 6 month hiatus.

We snapped him up, ran with him through a couple of hardmode ops (as an equal, while he geared out he got stronger but he was capable and willing right out of the box) and he's currently progressing in tfb HM with his team.

The moral of the story is that the gear can't replace a good player, only buff existing skills. This guy was doing some amazing stuff with very little resources and is over the top now that he's got good gear. I'm glad our group took the chance and we'll gladly do it again.

It more often than not pays to at least take a chance, sometimes those "noobs" are way more special than you might think. Sometimes you might even learn something yourself.

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12.14.2012 , 11:11 AM | #2
nice story and am glad to hear there are some nice players still in the game that are willing to give new 50's a chance to get gear and teach them the game.

i just wish there are more of you out there.

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12.15.2012 , 10:09 AM | #3
Bravo. Nice to hear about this win-win. Even better that the OP would actually be nice enough to write it up.

Which Server and Guild are you, or even the toon names of the above participants? This is good info to know who to look for when grouping up- or even for others looking for a good Guild.

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12.16.2012 , 02:09 PM | #4
Started my JK Friday and so was doing the Heroic. One of the guys was a FTP'er I got, and the other two were subbed but as far as I could tell, noobs. So we met at the Heroic spot and saw two more players. One asked me (interestingly, through "Say") if they could join our group. I politely said we were full and I was sorry. So we started the Heroic, and so did that group.

I have never seen anything like that. The two groups almost worked in unison - it was hilarious at times because no one ever stopped to heal - we didn't need to because the droids were overwhelmed before they could have a chance to kill us. By the time we reached the terminal, there had been a droid massacre in that cave - it was great! But the FTP'er was just a lot of fun because you could tell he was new to the game (he traveled first to Kalikori village for the mission before we corrected him), and even though he didn't have sprint he was just hacking through the enemies faster than we could reach them almost!

Then, last night, I did Esseles. One guy was a FTP'er (a Sentinel) and the other, though subbed, didn't seem to have done it before (at the least, he never angry-typed "SPACEBAR!!!1!!111!!"). So we had an enjoyable run, and when we got ready to repel the boarders, I said "Okay. Coming up on the first boss." The Sentinel says "Already?" and I said "Yup" and we got ready. So we proceeded (no healers) fantastically. Then we get to Ironfist and I (a Guardian, and despite being a DPS figure I can tank better in modded adaptive armor than he can in green medium) say "Okay, it's important to let me go in first, and when his reinforcements arrive, you kill them." He says "Okay." So we begin the battle, and he does exactly as I say - down to the period. So we race through (I had to go soon) and despite not doing bonuses, we did a great run and finished without (until the end, when I had to go) anyone saying "Spacebar." All in all, a fulfilling experience.

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12.16.2012 , 10:20 PM | #5
If I'm about to start a quest mob that someone else shows up for , I always use "say" to ask if they want to team. It's quicker than a tell and doesn't spam general.

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12.17.2012 , 12:04 AM | #6
Awesome post dude! Nice to see something worth reading.

If i could recall an epic story i've been through since the time of pre-launch i would, but i'm having a hard time remembering probably because i rarely play this game without a few beers in me

Anyways, i'll just give a shout out to all of those beast tanks that are always on the ball and make everything easier for the group! I definately feel with most of the boss mechanics in high tier raids, the tank is usually in the most stressfull position.

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12.18.2012 , 01:15 AM | #7
this happened awhile ago, but i still think it was pretty awesome.

so me and two guildies were doing the Ilum heroic (pub side). we had a guardian tank, sent, me being gunslinger, and my healer companion. there were a couple other groups running around in the area as well. we were making good progress when all of a sudden, the sentinel accidentally agroed a patrol, which in turn agroed 4 other mobs. this caught us off guard, and we ended up wiping. i think those mobs were glitched or something because when we all ressed, they apparently saw through our stealth and immediately attacked us. we had no time to heal up, so we wiped again.

by now, a second group of questers wandered over to see what was going on. when my group wiped a second time, the angry sith mobs ran after group number 2. one of the guys from that group accidentally backed into yet another cluster of mobs, causing them to have to fight about 6 strongs and 4 elites all at once. my group finally resses again, and we try to help.

my dps causes me to get singled out and murdered, so i lay there on the ground with a 10 min res timer. all i could do was watch the massive fight going on around me. it wasn't looking good. but then, lo and behold, i noticed someone trying to res me! a shadow who was soloing the heroic ran over to offer his assistance, and was able to get me ressed before 4 mobs collapsed on top of him.

what a battle! it took about 8 players to kill off about 15 angry heroic mobs. when the dust finally settled, we were all just kinda standing there catching our breaths, tending to the wounded, and looking around like "is it really over?"
Lorhin - SS/DF Gunslinger
Sashel - Sawbones Scoundrel

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12.18.2012 , 01:21 AM | #8
Hah, I've tried that in my Shadow, but didn't survive. Got caught up in another groups mess up, but no one else bothered to try to rez and fight on so it ended pretty quickly. One wrong step in that heroic results in a massively expanding furball of mayhem.

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12.18.2012 , 07:43 AM | #9
For the record, we're playing on Harbinger. I won't say the guild name because it could be any one of a number and it'd be a disservice to the good people in all of the good guilds out there to call any one of them out as being "better" than others. Mine's one of the genuinely larger guilds out there. I say genuine because we never random invite or advertise for membership. We recruit by running with people and feeling them out for their personality and select the ones we think will fit in rather than on gear or fight knowledge. We're straight up casual PVE.

Another story:

A member of one of those really strong, knowledgeable and exclusive endgame raiding guilds happened to be running with 3 of our guys in a hmfp. They were just blowing through the content in the fp without much thought so they got to talking. Our guys started to solicit advice on hardmode tfb since that's the progression level their characters are mostly at and they've been having nothing but trouble in there.

The first time I knew of any of this was when the person hopped on our mumble server to give out detailed advice. All of it good. In the end, he offered to put us in touch with his GM to get more information and asked for and was given my character's name as a contact point. Lo and behold, about an hour later I received a tell from the GM of that guild asking about who was requesting help and offering to come into our mumble as well to offer advice.

Cue this guy taking two+ hours out of his life to talk straight on endgame gear with our ops team leads, tanks and whoever wanted to show up in an open forum. They ended up inviting our best geared ops tank to their run that night and ran with him as far as he was capable to pass on the fight experience before swapping in one of their own more knowledgeable and better geared tanks to finish as a group.

Our tank came out of there full of very positive advice with lots of ideas and a ton of new knowledge. Advice, ideas and knowledge that he has passed on to his operations team and they're eager to try them.

The lesson learned were pretty simple: Hardcore Raiding <> Jerk. Thanks to that guild's mentorship, our teams now have a fighting chance at understanding and bringing down hm tfb. It will be a grind for gear but they can see the light at the end of the tunnel whereas before they were flying blind.

Maybe that's the difference between being hardcore or a wannabe. Hardcore players just go and do it and often enjoy passing on their hard earned knowledge to others, wannabes hoard knowledge and play the elitism card to anybody they are capable of lording it over.

To all the truly hardcore players out there: Thank you for lighting the way and showing us how.

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12.18.2012 , 11:12 AM | #10
Lol u think that's bad, on Tython last night had a guy saying "This is bs, Bioware really f**ked up with the revival times I mean 10 minutes!!"......and we're like, dude if you die once on this planet, let alone 3 times, this game is not for you lol.