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SWTOR is a paradise for the casual gamer

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SWTOR is a paradise for the casual gamer

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12.17.2012 , 09:30 PM | #31
This is why I still paythe monthly fee.
and the Force beat generic Swords and Magic any day. 8/26/14 That was my old signature but after RotHC, I went back to superheroes and swords and magic. Now waiting on Dragon Age and a SWTOR story expac for my Bioware fix 7/30/15 Returned for KotFE. Finally, a story expac.

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12.18.2012 , 05:25 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by MastaKorgy View Post
Well then, you are extremely lucky. I on the other hand, have the exact opposite thing to say. Whenever I login, I immediately que for a warzone and dailies. It suaully takes me about an hour to find a group for the dailies and if I am lucky I can get a warzone every 30 mins (very rarely any sooner.) As a result of waiting this long, I am forced to solo my dailies and have to stop at the heroics. I then have to do space missions to make up for lost time and credits. By the time I am done with the space missions, I am so fedup that I exit the game. I then login and play League of Legends the rest of the day still be fedup of the time I have wasted.
Weird, what server do you play on and what class? I've heard that DPS chars aren't getting GF popping up very fast. It has always been very fast for me to find groups on my tank and healer, making a DPS char for fun now, let's see how that goes.


12.18.2012 , 07:17 AM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by Injudicator View Post
Recently I have had little opportunity to play and I noticed one thing. I log in and can immediately have some fun. It's very fast to hop on your ship and do some space missions, queuing for WZs doesn't take more than a few minutes, and depending on the time queuing for HM FPs and Operations doesn't as well.

Other MMOs went like this: I log in at 7 in the evening and start waiting for guild to log in. Even though we had specific raid times it took 1 hour to gather due to DC and RL issues. Then until we go do our raid 2 hours pass and usually we finish at 11. At that point people are lazy to do other groups and scatter.

SWTOR let's you enjoy even at late night. Was doing HM FPs the other day at 2 am

Gotta say it's awesome to have an MMO that let's you progress even if you don't have time to play 5+ hours a day.
Its' great that the game sets a casual pace that anyone can enjoy. The problem is I think you need a reason for veterans to stick around and form that solid base.

I've always leveled at a slower pace, even in games like WoW. But that's sort of the difference. In SWTOR the people who play all the time, hit max level, alt level, and then quit. Nobody sticks around to form a solid guild that's been around for years, no one is willing to host their own ventrillo server. A Curse, Tankspot or Arenajunkie type third party community is never going to spring up around SWTOR.

And I think that entire lack of an in-depth end game hurts in the long term. Because even in WoW when the hardcore guilds were raiding 4 nights a week and clearing the expansion, it was still enjoyable to me to find others willing to learn about some fights and try our hand at the very first raid.

And really playing with those people, being able to log-in a join up with others who maybe played the game more than me, was the only reason I stayed subbed to WoW for 2+ years. Because if the content had been weak and easy, even somone like me would have beaten it and dropped the game in under 4 months, especially if the servers had been dead and devoid of all the regulars who were playing everyday and keeping the servers populated and fun.