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Light Side Jedi losing full control to the Emperor...

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Light Side Jedi losing full control to the Emperor...

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12.15.2012 , 07:45 AM | #1
The end of Chapter 1? When the Jedi Guardian faces the Emperor for the 1st time..... Is not possible!

How does it read? Was taken control of...for an undetermined amount of time?? or something like that.


No way, no matter how powerful the emperor is..
(A) .. he is Not GOD! no matter how much you evil dark side game developers might dream him up!..
And (B) no way a Light side max level 5 10000 light 0 dark... can be taken control over like that. Give me a break.. for an unknow amount of time??
No way i refuse to believe it....

And what exactly did the Emperor have me do while i was under his seemingly FULL control....? And where are my dark side points for commiting those act's?
(which I am glad i did not get, that would have been "auto-delete swtor, for sure). But even so, it makes sence to a 12 year old only....
Even before We goto the emperors ship.. I was worried how this might all make sence...? And I was right to be concerned.

No way the Jedi Councel allows such a fool hearty thing to happen in the first place... NO way I choose to go along with them...
(Although I admit, that at this point in the story there might be a chance, however unplausable. that the Jedi council would not know the Emperor is lv 2000.
Because that is what he would have to be to take full control over a Jedi like that... Did i mention Light side 5.. the most they allow us to reach??

I am fine with the Emperor being MEGA STRONG... I am not fine that my character was forced along a storyline that makes him lose control to the darkest force in existance.. ( A total evil and dark side thing to do Mr/mrs gamedeveloper)...
What did my character do while 'out of it'...? murder...rape..? I mean one can only imagin what the sicko's are laughing about in the gamedeveloper's room.... shame shame shame....

I am an old dude.. In fact I have watched all the Starwars movies in theater..original release. (albeit, i was very young for New hope)
I know starwars... A this is NOT the 1977's (true) Starwars...No way I am going to let some corperate enity tell me that the darkside is better, or that a truly light side (eg. Obi-wan Kenobi, Luke skywalker would 'EVER' be under the Emperors control like that.)
I was a litte boy when this all came out. I am just 1 of the many that dreamed of galaxies far far away..long long before most, were even born!

"We are Starwars"!

Aniken fell to the dark side and turned into Darth Vader... Because he was weak...and was 'Never' a true light side Jedi...

This makes me sick... And very very very very Sad!

I have not played the dark side characters at all... Nor would I... But my guess is.. they are not forced into doing light side stuff.
Well any more then a lying, cheating and decitful darkside would do normally to accomplish thier goals....

Shame shame shame....

It is far more plauseable that a Dark side be forced into Kindhearted deeds.. then a light side go Dark...
The Light side of the force is more powerful....
You know.. Good Always win's in the end..Duh!.

And then I get Scourge as a companion? A SITH companion for a Light Side 5???? make's me want to PUKE!
For sure the storyline developers are all darkside sith players...

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12.15.2012 , 07:52 AM | #2
I highly doubt your precious Light V is supposed to mean anything in the game apart from cosmetic changes and indication of how bad or good are you. Its not a sight of how cool you are.

But I must agree, the whole "mindcontrolled" thing just felt like the game suddenly decided I have played enough and took my character from me.

Also, when Tol Bragga revealed his plan... my natural reaction were "Someone call a medic. Tol Bragga went insane, poor man"
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12.15.2012 , 08:41 AM | #3
This part of the story is why I decided not to play a JK.

Consular's are cooler anyway.

(Smuggler's are the coolest)
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12.15.2012 , 09:12 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by LegendaryBlade View Post
This part of the story is why I decided not to play a JK.

Consular's are cooler anyway.

(Smuggler's are the coolest)
From what I heard everyone complains Consular and SI are not cool but boring.
"They will not! I command them to know fear! To raise me to my throne! They can not!" - Soa. The Red Eclipse:
Gelious - Sith Marauder; Helimana - Mercenary; Nellios - Operative; Mellas - Sith Assassin; Xatra - Commando.

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12.15.2012 , 09:17 AM | #5
Well it makes complete sense taking into consideration the Children of the Emperor. Especially when you consider that

But if you look back on the TOR comics that came out, Darth Thanaton before he became a full fledged Sith was also mind controlled by the Emperor and all he remembers is just awaking after their meeting.

It has nothing at ALL to do with your alignment. Look at Revan...
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12.15.2012 , 10:19 AM | #6
Erm... wait a minute... didn't the JK defeat/kill the Emperor and half of the Dark Council? Oh yeah, BioWare are really pro dark side. :P

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12.15.2012 , 10:53 AM | #7
This is only a problem if you want to play a god who can't be defeated. Not that interesting. Not only was it shocking--sadly less so for people here, since 2 threads have spoiled it in their titles unnecessarily, but it raises the stakes dramatically. DS is more powerful than light. We're told that in lore. It's why jedi fall and why sith choose to be what they are, and the emperor is the most powerful sith. There's a reason that attacking the emperor is difficult. The knight story isn't one of being an all powerful god, it's one of having to make difficult choices--choosing light when dark is often more productive and sensible, or of becoming tainted by darkness. It can be one of struggle to remain purely light at personal cost, or a slow, almost inevitable slide to darkness. It's very well done and well worth playing.

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12.15.2012 , 10:53 AM | #8
This is the most disrespectful and ignorant post I've ever seen. The OP seem to assume that he know everything, but his post display total ignorance of the star wars lore.

The Sith Emperor became what he is from draining all the force on a whole planet and over a thousand sith. So do you really think that he can't beat down and take control of 4 jedi?

Revan and Malak was both very powerful jedi, but both of them was mind controlled by The Sith Emperor.

3) Luke Skywalker would never fall to the dark side? Excuse me but how do you deer make such asumtions without checking the facts? Luke Skywalker did in fact fall to the dark side in the Dark Empire series.

4) Yoda would never fall to the dark side? Well fun fact, there are many indications that the little guy in his 900 years life at some point had fallen to the dark side. The fact that he masters force lightning is only one.

So yes you feel under his control, and it was shown how you were trained at the Emperor's space station. However, like Revan you broke out of the Emperor's mind control, so be happy about that.

As for the "mind control" the entity Abeloth was also able to use force psychosis to mind control jedis, so this is far from impossible.

As for the whole "I'm so light side" complaint, well congratulations, but that only have minor impact on the story, and neither do it indicate your power or willpower level, and it doesn't protect you from certain force powers. In the game you are a young jedi but talented jedi. However, The Sith Emperor is a thousand years old entity.

I suggest you start investigating lore before assuming that you know what "can and cannot be done" because right now you clearly have no idea.

EDIT: It is the end of chapter 2, I can tell that you're really in to this...

And don't post spoilers in the headline!
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12.15.2012 , 11:09 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Inzuher View Post
And don't post spoilers in the headline!
This poster is correct OP - this is against forum rules. Which only lessens the credibility of this god awful thread.

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12.15.2012 , 11:40 AM | #10
OP is a Jedi fanboy who wasn't tempted by Ranna Tao'ven's lekku :P
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