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Best Biochem Schematics

Blockk's Avatar

12.14.2012 , 01:21 AM | #1
I have bought with dailies from the Mission Suppor Vendor Exotech Med Unit and Exotech Stim but realise I cant RE to make reusables, wondering how I get to that point where I can make a decent reusable med pac and stim for engame, am I looking for locations ? or am I missing something at mission support vendors ? Being looking around for a good starting schematic to make my way toward black hole implants but am unsure, am I just RE'ing all the way to black hole kind of thing ? I have spent some time looking around so Im here after a few hours of trying, can anyone help ? the whole RE experience and crafting is new to me really, thanks

MsMalice's Avatar

12.14.2012 , 01:55 AM | #2
I'm pretty sure you can only RE items that you have created. Decent reusables for endgame will only come when you're 350-400 in biochem, so visit the biochem trainer and start crafting/REing. It will take a long time.

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12.14.2012 , 02:08 AM | #3
No. The Exotech consumables cannot be REed into reusable ones. The highest ranking reusable consumables are the Rakata ones. Below that are the lvl 48 ones. Both the Rakata and lvl 48 schematics are bought from your skill trainer. The highest ranking consumables in the game are the Exotech ones, and as you know they cannot be reversed engineered for purple ones.

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12.14.2012 , 02:14 AM | #4
sooner or later they will add a new tier of consumable but dont expect reusables to come back ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Scatter Bombs are meant to be a fun bit of extra damage that occurs when you roll into or away from the action. That said, we’re okay with you trapping an unsuspecting enemy for a “wall bang” every now and then.

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12.14.2012 , 11:04 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by NoTomorrow View Post
sooner or later they will add a new tier of consumable but dont expect reusables to come back ever.
Best guess for this will be with the level cap raise some time next year.