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Khyrivon Family History(contains game spoilers)

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Khyrivon Family History(contains game spoilers)

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12.13.2012 , 05:20 PM | #1

Jharith and Khorath Khyrivon were born as identical twin brothers. When the two were very young, they were separated when their parents were killed. Being force sensitive, both were trained at an academy. Though while Jharith grew up in the republic, being trained as a Jedi, Khorath was instead trained as a sith...

On Korriban, Khorath trained under the Sith Overseer, Tremmel. He was sent on various tasks, completing training that usually took apprentices months, or even years. As such, he drew the attention of Darth Baras, and the ire of his rival apprentice, Vemrin.

As Khorath trained on Korriban, Jharith was hard at work defending the Jedi temple world of Tython from the attack of the flesh raiders. With the help of an astromech droid named T7-01, Jharith, under the training of master Orgus, defeated the flesh raiders, led by Master Orgus' former apprentice, and constructed his lightsaber. He's then sent to Coruscant to help another Jedi Master with a growing darkness; however, he made a quick stop on the Republic Fleet to further his training.

After being forced to kill his old Overseer, Khorath became the apprentice of Darth Baras. During his trials, he met Vette, a Twi’lek slave, who assisted him in his final test. While retrieving an ancient lightsaber from the tomb of Naga Saddow, Vemrin attempted to kill Khorath, and failed. With Vette’s help, Khorath killed Vemrin, and claimed the lightsaber. He traveled to the Imperial Fleet to further his training on a stop off before heading to Dromund Kaas. While at the fleet, Khorath removed Vette's shock collar, as a show of thanks for all her help, and as a sign of trust.