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Just a thought: Triple Hybrid for rBG PVP

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Just a thought: Triple Hybrid for rBG PVP

Galvit's Avatar

12.13.2012 , 05:09 AM | #1
So i was thinking about Sorcs in PVP lately and how i can help my Team in rBGs. Playing around with the skill calc i came up with this:

The basic idea is to be able to spam the Stunbubble on yourself and your team, maybe help out with healing if one healer gets focused or dies. If possible i would be spamming Deathfield and Force Lightning with only a little bit of Affliction spamming (just for the Barrage proc and maybe some parasitism). Please note: this spec is not thought for regular BGs. I think it requires a well-built team for you to really take advantage of this build.

I didn't have the chance to try the spec so far, but i think you should be able to contribute both: Solid healing numbers and solid Dmg.

Pros: Stunbubble available for team, flexible gameplay for sorc - you can do whatever is needed in the current situation. Your team can run with 2 other healers with AoE Heal.

Cons: No innervate, no HoT healwise. Loose of a "real" DD slot if your team decides to show up with 2 heals and you. The bubbles should also give you some force problems.

So what do you think about this idea? /discuss