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Question for customer support pertaining to the server queues

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Question for customer support pertaining to the server queues

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12.20.2011 , 11:48 AM | #1
First off I’d like to start this post off on a positive note. Bioware… you hit a home run with this game! I’ve been waiting to play this game since July of 2009 and all I can say is that was definitely worth the wait.

I understand the issue with the server queues has partly been addressed with the addition of the new servers created at launch. My question is… will Bioware go the extra mile and move some of the guilds off of the “FULL” population servers to lower population servers if we petition for it in game?

Kass City for example is in a constant state of queue and since the last few days of early access I haven’t see it drop below 15-20 minutes. That’s really not the level of service I was expecting as it makes just logging in and knocking out a few quests at when you have limited play time impossible.

I understand that this may, or may not subside over time depending on the games retention rate. This issue should be addressed by more than just a “balancing servers is part art & science” post. I think that asking those of us with characters in the 25 – 35 level range to reroll on a lower population server really isn’t reasonable as these are the servers we were assigned to us via the guild launch program.

TL;DR - If we petition in game can we get our entire guild moved to one of the new low population servers?

Thank you, in advance, for your time and attention to this matter.