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Suggestions to improve Sorcerers

ShupFace's Avatar

12.12.2012 , 11:35 PM | #1
The Problem:

Sorcs are weak defensively and we lack burst.

Good sorc players are capable of posting respectable damage scores in RWZ through dots and aoe. But without a strong defense or offense there's not much stopping us from being targeted, except the soon to be nerfed stun bubble.

What follows are some suggestions for ways to improve the Sith Sorcerer AC. Obviously, if all of these changes were implemented tomorrow then Sorc's would become massively OP, but one or two changes could make them more competitive in PvP and high level PvE content.

In General:

We need a defensive cooldown. The self-heal is nice, but it's not enough.

We need to be able to do more damage across the board. We're just not keeping up with other classes.


It would be cool if one of our abilities like affliction, shock or death field had a chance to proc a mobile force lightning. This would increase our ability to do damage while on the run and the 50% slow would help keep opponents at a distance. This would probably need to be a skill high up in the madness tree.

DoTs could hit harder with increased damage and/or reduced length. It would be cool if Creeping Terror was immune to purge or immediately dealt damage and/or a debuff when purged.

Shock would be more useful if it did more damage and/or cost less force to use. It would also be cool if this became our execute ability, doing 30% more damage when targets are below 30% health.

Force Speed could make you immune to snares, roots and stuns for duration.

Force Slow could root the target for 2 seconds either instead of, or in addition to, slowing them by 50%.

Life steal from parasitism, death field and devour could restore more health to improve our survivability.


Lightning Strike could do more damage. It could also have a higher chance to proc a lightning storm.

Forked Lightning could be improved with a higher damage bonus and/or a higher chance to proc. An increase to the bonus from Conduction would be helpful too.

Thundering Blast could use a boost to its damage. When used on targets with affliction it could receive a bonus to damage instead of auto-crit. It would also help if there was a way to make it instant cast, such as from your Lightning Barrage or Lightning Storm procs. It could also benefit from Forked Lightning...


I don't know enough about healing to make helpful comments, but I've heard a few people say Dark Heal is rubbish and we could use a low-level instant heal.