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Why are all the planets so linear?

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Why are all the planets so linear?

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12.10.2012 , 04:29 PM | #271
Quote: Originally Posted by uaintjak View Post
Yes but leveling your night elf could give you a very different experience than leveling your human. You would see different cities, different forests, different enemies, different everything.

In this game, leveling your smuggler, trooper, jedi, twi'lek, or Pub side sith consular gives you the exact same experience. Exactly the same. Every time. The only difference are your story quests, and those are what? Maybe 10% of the quests, if that?
You dont have to do all the quests in every zone. For me so far im level 38 on Quesh and I have only done the class story quests and the big chain quest on each of the last few planets ive been on, otherwise I would of over-leveled for my class quest. The other parts of XP comes from flashpoints and warzones.

So for me so far its been a very story driven game...

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12.10.2012 , 04:29 PM | #272
Quote: Originally Posted by Vis-Tecum View Post

I guess EAware is their official name now


With "the doctors" gone and being an aquisition of EA ....sure .. think of it as gamings "Brangelina".

... Fan boi.

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12.10.2012 , 04:34 PM | #273
Quote: Originally Posted by Klarick View Post
I disagree. WoW, Rift, STO, CO, Aion, are not like that at all. LOTRO isnt either for that matter. Again, name another MMO that is linear and anti-explore as this one. Im sure there are some, maybe one's I havent played.
Have you actually played WoW? It's easily 10x more linear than this.
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12.10.2012 , 04:38 PM | #274
Quote: Originally Posted by Urael View Post
... Fan boi.
LOL! OK I will give you the brangelina = EAware

and of course [but a bioware fan boy not a swtor fan boy, just dont tell the austin studio]
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12.10.2012 , 04:50 PM | #275
Quote: Originally Posted by Kavu View Post
Have you actually played WoW? It's easily 10x more linear than this.

*shake head*

*face palm*

I don't have the words. You didn't read the pages of discourse proving the contrary.

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12.10.2012 , 05:21 PM | #276
Quote: Originally Posted by Klarick View Post
I disagree. WoW, Rift, STO, CO, Aion, are not like that at all. LOTRO isnt either for that matter. Again, name another MMO that is linear and anti-explore as this one. Im sure there are some, maybe one's I havent played.
The entire Guild Wars franchise.
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12.10.2012 , 05:22 PM | #277
Quote: Originally Posted by Kavu View Post
Have you actually played WoW? It's easily 10x more linear than this.
I have played 15 minutes of WoW but I still highly doubt this assertion, because...

It is not possible to make a more linear PvE game than TOR.

Gameplay Facts:
- There are no alternative newbie zones for any class.
- Those newbie zones are identical for 25% of all classes.
- After the newbie zones, there are no options at all but to follow the quest path you are forced into.
- After the newbie zones, content is 90% identical for each faction.
- Of the 10% of content that is not identical, it is mostly just a case of taking Door B, instead of Door A at Quest Location #14.
- If you replay any class, it will be identical in every aspect to the previous playthrough. The only changes possible are quest "choices" that in no way change the outcome or path of the quest line. This also counts for advanced classes, ie. the game is identical as a Sage or Shadow.
- If you play another class of the same faction, the game will play 90% identically to the other. A Jedi and Smuggler share 90% of all quest content, for example.

Pre-emptive Counter Arguments:
- Flashpoints are NOT alternatives to questline levelling. They are the same mission, on the same map, with the same mobs. There are also only a handfull of them.
- "You don't have to do every quest!" Bull. 90% of them are designed explicitly to be done in concurrence with class quests. They take you to the same place to kill the same badguys. Besides that... When "avoiding content" is your solution to not repeating content, you just don't understand the problem.
- Space missions might be considered an alternative... if they weren't an Intellivision game from 1980 with better graphics.

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12.10.2012 , 06:20 PM | #278
I only read the first ten pages but. I see there are two distinct arguments going on here:

#1 - the areas in which we play in are not big enough. If you want to explore a given planet you are prevented from doing so through various means. Some players want to actually explore the planets for no other reason than they want to.

In response...this boils down to perspective. As someone else said, each planet gets more and more expansive as you level so there is more to see. But when you realize that each area is on a PLANET, the area in which you can explore can seem small. Look at this way, the United States is a big country and it can take an individual a VERY long time to visit every nook and cranny, but when compared to the entire world, that one country ain't so big. So from that perspective: area vs planet, there is a LOT more exploration potential.

That being said, this is a development decision. Due to resource constraints sometimes certain "features" must be sacrificed to get other "features" done in a timely fashion. In the case of SWTOR, Bioware decided that story was more important than exploration. To this end, they created areas in which the story takes place and ignored the rest.

#2 - the path(s) through which we level our characters are too linear. There is no way to alter a given character's path. Furthermore, once you are done with a given planet there is little to no reason to go back

On the second part, I have to agree. But having played many MMOs, this is the way it is. Some have claimed that in other games some low level areas have resources that are worth going after. While this is true, I found that process boring (I remember killing fairies in one specific area of EQ1 to get a material for Halas Meat Pies). I would rather have all the materials I need for the stuff I want to do in the areas that are level appropriate.

As to the first part, I disagree. On every planet there are four types of missions/quests:

- class story (yes you have to do these if you want to at least get your full compliment of companions)
- planet story
- side quests
- heroic (group) quests

None of the last three are required in order to level your character. I leveled a character doing nothing but class story on each planet. I filled in the rest of the leveling process with space combat, flashpoints and warzones.

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12.10.2012 , 06:31 PM | #279
It sounds to me that people expect this to be like WoW, where everything is explorable. Only issue is that WoW is ONE planet and they are able to connect all their zones together. Star Wars in general cannot do that unless you only want one planet. They have to work with what they have. To create massive maps for each planet with the way SWTOR is designed just wouldn't work well IMO. Now I do agree that little things bug me. Like how there really are walls on Taris, you can't walk on mountains, ect.
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12.10.2012 , 06:44 PM | #280
I'm going to chime in with an insignificant opinion.

As someone who never played mmos before, and was drawn to TOR for the singly-playery stuff, I enjoyed leveling classes. I felt that it gradually brought me out of a single-player shell into wanting to group with others to try out Heroics and Flashpoints. I liked that the bonus series brought be back to areas of the planets I hadn't seen before. I liked that I never felt purposeless and always had something to do and a place to go (by comparison I've started every single Elder Scrolls game ever made and have yet to finish ANY of them).

Now, I've seen posts from a lot of people who are used to MMOs, and have seen ways that other MMOs do great things and are complaining that SWTOR doesn't have these things.

I hear about this other stuff TOR doesn't do and I think, "What a great idea!"

I'm not yet bored enough with TOR to leave. I still have a few class quests to finish. XP perks help me to skip over stuff I've seen before. Jumping between pub and imp also help. I also found a group of like minded people that I enjoy hanging out with in vent while I play.

But, as much as I currently enjoy playing this game, I would be thrilled if some of these suggestions were implemented. Give me optional planets to level in. Add more zones to existing planets for higher level characters to return to. Add more meaningful easter egg stuff for explorers. Add some dynamic stuff that changes up the planets like day/night.

There's no reason to shut down the people clamoring for more stuff to do in TOR. Won't it make a better game? Even if you are thrilled in every way with this game as it exists right now, wouldn't you like it MORE if some of this other stuff were added?