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Leveling as Healer

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12.08.2012 , 09:04 AM | #21
Leveled a sorc as pure corruption, leveled a scoundrel as pure sawbones. They are and have been my dedicated healers, and they were the easiest time leveling ever ever. Think I finished the inq story at 47-48, he was only my third 50 so I didn't even have the same benefit with heroic moment/legacy powers that my scoundrel did (he was 50 #7). I am by nature more inclined to tanking/dps but the dynamics for these two classes really clicked for me with respect to their ability to heal as well as the mechanics they use to do so.

Whatever you decide, best of luck to you.

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12.10.2012 , 08:21 AM | #22
I used Khem as my only companion and went full Lightning spec from 1-40, switching to full heal spec once I could talent Revivification. This works out pretty well I think, since below 40 you don't need healing that much, but once you hit Belsavis Lightning becomes less viable for solo'ing with Khem since "tank" pets really can't tank anything beyond 40 without healing to keep them alive.

If you wanted to go DPS all the way to 50, then you'll have to gear up your healer companion to deal with the major boss fights at least. People perceive heal spec as a little slower to plow through things, but it's not by much when you factor in all the Seethe downtime you avoid by ending every fight at 100% HP instead of 50-80%.

I have my own crafting alts, so I kept myself and Khem fully geared every two levels with blue gear all around. After 40 I also started slapping in blue augments to buff things up a bit more, which helped. Augments are not required, obv, just give you more margin for error / laziness.

I always went with Might hilts, armoring and mods rather than the "tank" (Guardian) ones, because as heal spec you don't need to pimp Khem's HP so much, and you will appreciate his higher damage. He also has a small self-heal that comes from his AOE attack, and Strength will buff that up, somewhat offsetting any loss of HP. For him I ran Immunity or Sturdiness (shield / defense or shield / absorb) enhancements all around, and for me it was Rage or Quick Savant (power or power / alacrity).

Since I have some 50 alts, I started out with about +200 presence from the human species and other legacy presence buffs, and to make the most of that I also used blue command stims and the cantina buff, which will further help to raise Khem's HP and damage. If you don't have the legacy presence buffs, then you may want to use resolve stims instead to buff your own healing (and damage).

Don't forget you have DPS abilities as well. I usually set Khem up with Static Barrier, then send him in, hit Resurgence once and drop Revivification on him (and stand in it myself, depending on what's going on). After that I'll either just spam Force Storm if it's a pack of standard mobs, or for golds and silvers alternate between Affliction / Crushing Darkness / Force Lightning and refreshing Static Barrier and Revivification to keep Khem at 100%.

For really hard hitting bosses, I may have to hang back and just heal him, while he slowly wears them down. For "single target" fights like that, I tend to still drop Revivification and then spam Resurgence / Innervate, with Dark Infusion as needed if I'm falling behind. If I can throw Affliction / Crushing Darkness on the boss as well without losing ground on the healing, then I'll also try to keep those up.

So far it works well, and I only have had to pop the Heroic Moment for a couple bosses that do stuff like spam Force Storm or chain stun you the whole fight.

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12.10.2012 , 08:31 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by revansowns View Post
30 levels of Khem
15 levels of Ashara
5 levels of Xalek
I still haven't figured out what they were thinking with Xalek. He's a "tank" in light armor, and is supposed to be our "ranged" tank pet, but he's got a double saber. He seems like the worst of all possible choices; a melee tank that's not as tough as our "other" melee tank (even with the 42% armor buff from his tank stance), or a melee DPS that doesn't have the DPS talents of our "real" melee DPS companion.

I know the concept of "ranged tank" doesn't actually exist in this game, since 50-80% of the mobs you fight are melee anyway; but this guy just seems like he fell off the wagon somewhere and never really found his way home.