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Resubbing Guild Scylla looking for new and resubbers

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Resubbing Guild Scylla looking for new and resubbers

frekkeste's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 04:10 PM | #1
I re-subbed 2 days ago, and started by creating a new character just to learn the new stuff the hard/easy way!
When i arrived at the fleet i queued up for the first flashpoint and after a while i came in contact with 2 other friendly faces with the same vision as me, after a few hours we decided to create Scylla our fresh guild.

A guild for the resubbing levelers and new players going sub.

Are you in the mood for some fresh leveling with us to go all the way to max level and run a mix with PvE and PvP?
Join us! i know i wont say no to another friendly face joining us
We are running Empire and im not higher level than 14 as we speak!

Find me ingame for contact : Sensuz - Tomb of the freedom nadd, Empire !

-This post is just to give a shout out to the people looking for the same as me when i first started 2 days ago! -

thanks for you time reading<3