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BW, do you ever plan on addressing DPS Mercs/Commandos PvP-wise?

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BW, do you ever plan on addressing DPS Mercs/Commandos PvP-wise?
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12.08.2012 , 10:53 PM | #471
Quote: Originally Posted by cashogy View Post
the damage taken/damage reduced from Expertise cancel out. even tho they are not the same numbers, b/c of the way damage is calculated they are equal.
What are you trying to say?
that it doesn't matter to have over 1200 to reduce the damage?

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12.09.2012 , 12:07 AM | #472
Quote: Originally Posted by Bluntron View Post
What are you trying to say?
that it doesn't matter to have over 1200 to reduce the damage?
well having over 1200 expertise *does* increase your potential PvP damage reduction.

but what I was saying was that if both you and your opponent have 1200 expertise, the offensive and defensive bonuses cancel themselves out.

so even tho the PvP Damage Bonus % is always a little higher than PvP Damage Reduction, when equal Expertise players fight each other they are Expertise bonus neutral

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12.09.2012 , 02:30 AM | #473
Quote: Originally Posted by Bluntron View Post
I guess im a poowater pyro merc than. At best I only do 675k damage, thats usually going against a under geared team that has squishy healers, and I get left completely alone.

In a leveled out team with same gear as me, I can only do about 300k to 400k damage, and that's usually being focused and pressured. I have never seen 770k to 880k from anyone on my server as a merc or mando.

So either we were all doing something wrong on PoF server, or I am calling out BS to the trooper who claims to dish out the same amount of damage as jugs/guards. (You guys remember playing that game BS?)

Anyways, I am starting to notice I do better not trying to kite at all when it comes to 1v1 against melee or PT/VG. Sit there take the punishment and hope you hit harder than he does.

I did get into an hour argument with PT on who would win a duel, a pyro merc or a pyro PT. Even though I broke the fight down ability by ability on my side and his, he still claims I have no clue what I am talking about and I am just making up excuses. I pretty much said its illogical for a merc to duel anyone but another merc in 1v1.

Its like asking someone in a mini van to race someone in a lambo.

Well I was saying if you're doing half the damage of non-smash jugs while being left to free cast you're doing it wrong. Doing half of smash jugs is a different story, Derp Smash kinda cheats. The rest of the classes though you should be roughly on par damage wise if you're being left alone to free cast. Course that's a pretty big if, and the difference in damage between being left to free cast and being under ANY kind of pressure whatsoever is, well it's kinda what this entire thread is really about.

Quote: Originally Posted by Akomo View Post
From a commando's perspective Bioware, think long and hard about this issue and folks on this thread.I for one DO NOT favor a change.Previous companies have gone this route before.Any tinkering to current commando builds WILL make us over powered.We arent OP right now and thats the way this commando likes it.

Many are speaking from the perspective of beating someone one on one in pvp.They dont understand the class or what it is meant to do.I knew from the beginning its a support class meant to be played with friends and it suites that role extremely well.

I cannot comment on Mercs yet but that will be my next project 6 months from now.Id simply advise to play the commando as it is currently.Internal testing or on live servers to actually get a good grip on how it is being played.

As one year approaches , i have no real sour grapes about this game.Any issues i do have ,your tech support hears about it, where those issues belong.Keep at it Bioware and strive to be one of the better gaming companies in an increasingly crowded field.
Hey cool, thanks for not bothering to really read the thread. Not being OP is fine. My shadow isn't OP. Gunslingers and Snipers aren't OP. What we are is broken. I dunno what you mean by support, but when it comes to a ranged turret with utility, Gunslingers/Snipers beat us hands down, and with the advent of bubble stuns Sage healers have pulled ahead noticeably of Commando healers as well (helps that they have a truly viable hybrid spec). Anyway, thanks for the vague meaningless generalities backed up by absolutely nothing.

I have a question though that I am curious about, what augments are you guys using?

Aim/Endurance, Expertise/Power, or Endurance/Power?
Aim/Endurance, though I think Defense/Power has some merit to it as well in PVP under certain circumstances. Honestly though you're going to fold like a cheap card table under pressure anyway. Best to develop that pillar humping.
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12.09.2012 , 06:16 AM | #474
Hello, i play a mercenary and i want to be as viable as a marauder/jug or assassin when i spec for dps or i try to get into a ranked wz team.
Dear BW, why is this not a fair request?
Lately i have done a few normal warzones with a few people in my guild who use rage maras/jugs and they normaly out damage me by several hundred thousands worth of damage. This could be explained by "They are better then me" or "They outgear me" etc. But we all know thats not the issue, sure i could perhaps improve my gameplay but in the end, no matter what i do or how many perfect Death from Above etc that i drop on the other team im still way way waaay behind these monster pvp classes.

This is not news to anyone playing this game and yet for several months we (mercs/commandos) have been nigh on useless in any warzone we enter. Had i played one of these favoured superclasses i would do alot better, but instead im limited by what BW deems fair.

Countless threads have been done on this subject and so far all we have been replied with is that our waddle waddle speed pillarhumping isnt quite enough. Now i really want some answers, why cant i be allowed to perform on the same level as the other classes?

PvE be damned, i want to be a viable dps/heal option for rated warzones!

Yes im whining, but we all know its justified
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12.09.2012 , 06:21 AM | #475

check out this thread for a lot of ideas that would at most *barely* effect PvE, but would have a massive impact on PvP performance

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12.09.2012 , 07:41 AM | #476
In the meantime, stealth assassins & lolsmashers rofl in our faces...

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12.09.2012 , 08:45 AM | #477
Good luck guys, I've given up on this thread. After listening to that recent interview, where the guy said that classes are mostly balanced and PvP is in a good state, there's no way mercs are ever going to get the real changes they need to be viable. This dev team is completely incompetent.
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12.09.2012 , 10:03 AM | #478
I would love a talent that reduced aoe damage by 50%. A smash jug should not be able to demolish a mercenary one against one so easily.
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12.09.2012 , 10:29 AM | #479
Quote: Originally Posted by PerinnAybara View Post
I would love a talent that reduced aoe damage by 50%. A smash jug should not be able to demolish a mercenary one against one so easily.
yes, lets balance classes solely based on 1v1 performance against smash monkeys

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12.09.2012 , 10:36 AM | #480
Lol. Assassins, marauders already have aoe damage reductions. Hell a marauder has more passive mitigation then a mercenary does with medium armor and more cooldowns. Anyway, who said anything about balancing 1 v 1? I just don't like the idea that an aoe can do twice as much damage upfront to a single target and be spammed more often without any counters whatsoever.
Character: Mathrim Cauthon, 50 Mercenary on Prophecy of the Five