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Embers Of Retribution Needs You!


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12.09.2012 , 05:43 AM | #1
Embers Of Retribution, at one time was the largest most Progressed guild on Whitebeam Run, know at that time as Order Of Retribution. As of April Order shut its doors do to my deployment to iraq.

But we are back and Hvae rerolled on the imperial side of POT5, And we need to fill our leadership staff.

This is an oppurtunity to work anf help a guild grow at the ground floor. I my self have 6 years of Leadership of a gaming community including,

UEG / United Extreme Gaming
FTR / From The Remnants
WaR / Wrath and Retribution

Theses are Communitys i and other of Ember were Leaders of on the Xbox live Community.

We also have a combined 30 yeras of MMO experiance.

The role that we need filled are as follows.

Approval Team Member : This job Intails Helping with the sortment and picking of New Recruits for Ember. And is one of the highest officer positions we have.

Web Admin : We currently are working to bring our wesite online and tget the features set up once that is done we will need some one of skill to help manage and maintain the site.

If you are Intrested in any of these Positions Please email me at -
Or Whisper In game to - xxKissofdeathxx - Human Resources
Neroko'iss - Guld Leader
Naroko'iss - POT5 - Phoenix Down
Cage - Jedi Covenant - Order Of Retribution
Aliit ori'shya taldin, Mando'a for Family is more then blood.