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PVP Since 1.5

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12.07.2012 , 03:03 PM | #1
So, in my last post I was utterly frustrated with the Lvl50 PVP. I got some real nice responses and tips, that helped me become a way better player then I once was. However, there are still issues I have, on is the LAG. I mentioned that sometimes I am not ever aware of the fact that I'm stunned, and I didn't explain why. I still have this issue, but now I know why. Lag. My quickbars should darken when I'm stunned, and there is some animation most of the time. Because of (I guess) Lag, that doesn't happen often. I even get the GCD animation sometimes, but the abilities dont go off because Im already stunned.

And my pug groups still go up against premades. If we win, we know from the first minute, same if we lose. One of the teams just has no chance usually.

One of the advices I got was to play the other classes too, become familiar with their abilities and what not. I did that, in the 10-49 bracket, because I didn't have other Lvl50 characters. I enjoyed it for a while, and it did make me a better PVP-er on my main. On ToFN, this bracket is now worse then the 50 one though. Since 1.5, most teams I get (I play empire side) are made up of really really REALLY bad players. The experience is just way more frustrating then the 50 bracket.
And I see the same old names in the enemy - mainly rep - teams.

This was not the case the first couple of days after F2P, but since it is horrible. Why is that? Most new players tried republic, and decided to play empire? New reps don't PVP? Is this only on ToFN, or on other servers too?

I can't wait to see if 1.6 brings forth any good changes, and I really can't wait for open world PVP.