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Only issue with Disney.

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12.07.2012 , 02:28 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Jawa-Punter View Post
I obviously wasn't saying they only made 1 movie ever. I was saying their old cartoons, which is what made them rich in the first place, were all one cartoon with the characters modified. I was using it to illustrate that the suckage is not new and has in fact been present from the beginning.

Edit: And you included an Adam Sandler movie in a list of "great films", therefore your opinion is invalid. About anything. Forever.
No it isnt, the films worth stands on their own without my or even yours opinion. I just provided examples so that everyone can see, they actualy made sucessfull films, or rather those companies made it for them.
That list Not even translates my personal taste on movies, its there to make weight to the point to begin with. Nice strawmen yourself.
But to your original point all art works that way anyway, the japanese Anime was also very influncied by early disney works for instance, interesting to see, all of this years Anime also has it take on holywood with live action films, and american animation as well. Even star wars was strongly influencied by the classic adventure books like "john carter of Mars".
Honestly historicaly when star wars didnt see George lucas directing in their films , it was when it was at its best "empire strikes back anyone"?
let just hope we get a decent director. Im not very worried about disney changing the status quo that much on sw media. Probably because not only depends on them.
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