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Dps Juggernaut, black hole gear and augments.

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Dps Juggernaut, black hole gear and augments.

Darth_Reptile's Avatar

11.26.2012 , 01:18 PM | #1
Hello everyone,

So i have a lvl 50 SW Jugg with Vengeance Spec ( PVE - DPS).
I have almost full black hole gear except for 3 pieces that are rakata.

For the past month i have used augmentation kits to every piece and i have been using Might Augments on all of them. (Strength + Endurance).
But now, with the latest patch we have some new campaign armoring which had brought some confusion.
So i am thinking on replacing all armoring with the new campaign ones, but that brought me a question.

What augments should i use now? keep might ones ? replace them by Overkill ones ( Endurance+Power) ? maybe a mixture of both? or what should i buy ?

What are the possible best augments to use with full black hole gear with replacement armorings for Jugg Dps?
Thank you

MantorokTwelve's Avatar

12.07.2012 , 02:14 PM | #2
All those campaign armorings are there for is to allow you to get your set bonus from the armoring. You can get a set bonus by using a tionese/columi/rakata gear shell, or campaign or dread guard armorings. If you don't care about the set bonus, your black hole armorings should be fine. For my jugg, I prefer the 4 piece PVP set bonus, so I avoid dread guard and campaign armorings.

I use all might augments as well. The 6% strength bonus from the skill tree doesn't give as much bonus damage as stacking power does, but the difference is negligible, plus stacking strength gives us more crit rating (which is outside of the diminishing returns for crit rating from mods).